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Renowned Entrepreneur Sean DeMarco of DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. Chimes in on the Future of NFTs

NFTs are seeing a massive surge in popularity. Various tokens have come out since the meteoric rise of the renowned digital art tokens, and it is poised to become the next big innovation of blockchain. Much like the boom in cryptocurrencies, NFTs will be here to stay and will greatly impact the future of the modern art scene. Sean DeMarco fully believes in the power of this new technology, but he is also asking investors to be vigilant, as there are some tokens out there that could spell financial trouble but others that could see massive success. 

Fortunately, Sean DeMarco, founder and CEO of DeMarco Enterprises International, is here to educate investors about the pitfalls of NFTs. He is well aware that the meteoric rise of NFTs is proving to be a great investment opportunity for individuals all over the world, but investments often come with a heavy amount of risk.

As a successful entrepreneur, who values constant learning to elevate his skills and knowledge, Sean DeMarco hopes to bring his expertise into the NFT industry. His company, DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc aims to help clients in making major investment decisions through the buying and selling of income producing assets.

The business-savvy individual has been known for offering his clients opportunities to generate residual income. Nowadays, he is taking the plunge into the world of NFTs, venturing into the exciting potential of the said technology. DeMarco fully believes that educating his clients about the explosive potential of NFTs will give them an opportunity to reap extraordinary returns down the line. 

The NFT industry is often a daunting concept for newcomers, but Sean DeMarco and his team of experts have taken it upon themselves to provide their clients with the right information that will lead them towards investment success.

“When an asset is non-fungible, it holds more value. Whereas in fungible assets, we have a one-to-one value; one gold bar is worth one gold bar, or rather a five dollar bill is worth five one dollar bills,” the DeMarco Enterprises International founder explained. 

“With non-fungible assets like NFTs, there would be a digital certificate attached to the NFT, so it creates scarcity value. You can buy an NFT for pretty much anything from certain types of digital art and graphics to music, to even digital social media posts.”

Sean DeMarco and his team of experts hope to simplify the concept of NFTs and guide their clients towards the right investment options.

“NFTs are basically digital real estate as an analogy and intellectual property investments are something you would then be able to own. If you are someone who enjoys collecting rare NFT’s you can profit on this similar to the way you could selling a rare baseball card. Or, if you are doing this as an investment, they are basically a contract address for you to sell later at a higher return you would have no emotional connection to the project,” he shared.

Back in August, the most popular NFT platform, OpenSea, was able to generate a whopping $2 billion in sales in a single month. This achievement has been lauded by business experts, as it is the first in the industry to achieve this major milestone. Sean DeMarco hopes to shed light on the massive potential that NFTs could offer in its early stages. 

The time to invest in NFTs is now, and the sooner that people will wait, the less they will be able to gain. Early adopters will always have the upper hand, and Sean DeMarco hopes to equip his clients with the right mindset and the right information so they too could reap the insurmountable rewards.To know more about DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and the services the company provides, make sure to check out the official company website.

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