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Retired Law Enforcer Turned Author Malisia Bryant Inspires Readers Living with Trauma

Female book authors have a beautiful way of transforming real-life experiences into inspiring reads that have the ability to inspire change, strength, and hope, most especially to those who are living with a deep-seated life trauma. A lot of women are not comfortable about revealing their personal painful experiences to big audiences, but those who find the courage to do so inspire more than just hope. They also motivate their readers to act on their trauma, whether it is through a personal act of releasing forgiveness or stepping out of the shadows to take control of their lives once again. One such woman who is inspiring readers is retired law enforcer Malisia Bryant through her book Statistics: When Your Life Was Predestined for Failure

The Miami-born and raised author is also an entrepreneur who owns M.Y. Books LLC, a newly established business designed to promote reading as a form of pleasure for all ages. Through her business, Malisia Bryant intends to make her book and future publications easily available to the reading public and promote a deeper appreciation and love for reading altogether. As a rising book author, she is determined to give life to sophisticated dramatic stories that happen in real life so that others may draw inspiration from them. For the most part, Malisia hopes to reach out to women out there who are looking for a way to overcome their biggest traumas in life. 

Statistics: When Your Life Was Predestined for Failure is the first of a series of novels that Malisia intends to release. It is a fictional autobiography that draws heavily from the author’s real-life experiences. It is meant to become the voice of countless women around the world today who are suffering in silence and waiting relentlessly for a voice that will share stories similar to their experiences in life. 

The book is also a loving tribute to the special people in Malisia Bryant’s life who have helped her brave the storms. Through it, she remembers the strength of her late mother Veronica Rutherford Bryant, and honors the work of her dedicated sister Cherie Bryant, who is the head of the Miami-based non-profit organization known as Cabre Safe Haven. The organization provides shelter, counseling, and psychological services for women who are victims of domestic violence. Through the organization’s efforts, it seeks to see empowered women transform into self-reliant and independent individuals.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Statistics: When Your Life Was Predestined for Failure will be donated to the Cabre Safe Haven to create awareness and develop programs for women. While Malisia Bryant’s book uses a touch of humor alongside its heart-wrenching storytelling, she hopes that it will attract the right kind of readers who also value the kind of work needed to help abused women rise up from their bad experiences and begin all over again. 

Malisia Bryant, apart from having served as a law enforcer for more than 20 years, is also a cancer and domestic violence survivor. “My experiences and knowledge are reflected in everything I do. Most other people don’t have battle scars and came through all the experiences I have. What’s unique to my story and what I overcame makes it impossible to be duplicated, thus making what we have to offer one of a kind,” Malisia revealed. 

Also a thriving leader in her own community, Malisia hopes to serve as an example of a woman who braved the many challenging seasons of life gracefully and came out victorious on the other side. In doing this, she hopes to see more women overcome their struggles and live life to the fullest.  

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