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Reviewing The Best Interactive Product Demo Software: Walnut, Demostack, or Reprise?

Every salesperson knows that efficient product demonstrations are key to a growth trajectory. From closing deals, and converting prospects, to building customer relationships, a hyper-personalized approach in selling products and solutions is a major step that yields long-term profitability. 

For the longest time, the long, tedious, and overly-complex methods of sales processes and cycles are standard, and sales teams simply have to find their respective techniques for optimization. But as digitalization further disrupts global industries, organizations find themselves searching for state-of-the-art solutions to catch up. Whether to save more time, boost revenue, or understand customers’ needs better, businesses are now investing in tools to improve their product/sales demo experience.

Three key players in the sales landscape are committed to revolutionizing demos to help sales teams in the SaaS sector: Reprise, Walnut, and Demostack. We’ve picked what seems to be the winner among them, and here’s why.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are a few other vendors in the space; however, with limited resources/less funding or market share, so they would need more time to catch up.


Walnut’s goal is to help SaaS organizations close more deals and convert prospects by providing sales teams the capability to create customized demo experiences for their prospects. 

It boasts a suite of products that are highly personalized per client, allowing teams to tailor their tactics and strategies specific to each customer. What’s more, it also provides sales reps with cutting-edge analytical dashboards to help them track their demo performances, optimize their work in real-time, improve conversion rates, and elevate their overall demo experience.

Customer testimonials mostly discuss a fast, scalable solution, with some caveats of bugs when scaling the user base fast – those are which are usually resolved quickly.


Demostack is designed for brands to smoothly replicate their product in a new demo environment. The platform is engineered to be an autonomous process to be the next-gen demo environment made mostly for pre-sales teams. Just like Walnut and Reprise, Demostack boasts a personalized demo experience, but the key difference is that the others use an easy, scalable codeless approach.

Demostack plugs into the production side of the customer’s product and data, and creates a replica of the product, then followed by several customization features.

Customer testimonials from around the web are a bit limited, but customers tend to say the onboarding process took them a few months to start operating, if at all.


Reprise is a SaaS demo platform that leverages its story-based experience to help teams close more deals through a holistic, personalized approach. Reprise is also intended to be codeless – which means it won’t require sales reps any coding experience, allowing teams to focus on the sales process and cycle itself without any involvement in the back-end process – however, in their case, their product often proves to be a bit more difficult to handle.

Customers’ testimonials from around the web discuss a comprehensive system, yet a bit less easy to understand and operate.

Demostack, Walnut, and Reprise cater to every organization’s specific needs, allowing them to flourish in the sales landscape. But just like every other solution, the pros and cons of each platform are down to the nitty-gritty.

Out of the three brands, Walnut and Reprise emerge on top as the most efficient platforms that provide the most value. In terms of their advanced editing options, zero maintenance features, non-dependency on R&D, advanced sharing capabilities, multiple use-cases options, and cross-platform product demos, both platforms are ahead of the competition by leaps and bounds. 

However, businesses and reviews show that Reprise is the most complicated solution out of the three, giving Walnut the biggest edge.

When it comes to an overall comprehensive tool that enables excellent product demonstrations, simplicity, easy-to-use interface, and general flexibility, Walnut seems to serve as the leader that disrupts the traditional product/sales demo experience, where Demostack and Reprise are quick to follow. 

According to relevant sources such as Gartner and G2, the demo space is continuing rapidly and does not stop innovating – we will keep a close eye on this market and update accordingly!

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