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Thomas Berkley of ATM Freedom University Helps People Build Their Own ATM Businesses

Entrepreneurship comes in many forms, and at times, it can come unexpectedly. ATMs have always been tied and associated with banks, but ATM Freedom University proves otherwise. As it turns out, private citizens can operate their own ATM machines and serve their community with the convenience of accessing their money everywhere, even ATMs that do not belong to big financial institutions. 

ATM Freedom University was founded by Thomas Berkley, a Clickfunnels Two Comma Club Award winner recognized for successfully building a seven-figure business. Before becoming a full-blown entrepreneur, Thomas was in the US Air Force for over a decade. Now, as a veteran, he holds a personal portfolio of over 50 ATM machines across Ohio. As the CEO of ATM Freedom University, he has made it his mission to teach entrepreneurs to make passive income using ATMs and build their businesses into scalable and sustainable forces in the industry. 

Thomas first enlisted into the Air Force when he was 18, and while in service, he met his mentor, who showed him the many possibilities he could achieve as an entrepreneur. His mentor was from a small town in Ohio, which allowed them to bond together since he was an Ohio native himself. This eventually led them to form a relationship where Thomas was learning how to build a business and compound his knowledge every day. 

“One of these businesses was the ATM business. He told me that an individual could own the exact same ATMs the banks did, minus the cute coat of pain. He took me under his wing and helped me start my own ATM business right out of the military, and everything skyrocketed for me from there,” Thomas shared. “Jumping forward to 2018, I made my first video on YouTube about how to start an ATM business on your own, and the response was overwhelming,” he added.

From there, he was compelled to produce more videos about the ATM business, as requested by his subscribers. Eventually, people began inquiring about getting his service and expertise for a fee. Thus, ATM Freedom University was born. Today, Thomas and his company have helped over 600 students build successful ATM businesses and leverage every opportunity that comes with it.

“We’re the only company that negotiates contracts for our clients, and we’re the only ones who have techs all over the US that will install, program, and service clients’ machines for them,” Thomas shared. From onboarding to finding the perfect location within 60 minutes of the client’s home, ATM Freedom University ensures its clients gain the support they need to be sufficient in their business. In addition, the negotiation, logistics, and installation of the new machines and system require almost zero effort from the clients, as Thomas and his team do all the heavy lifting for them. “The whole process is completely hands-off,” he said. 

Thomas found the love and passion for teaching and leading others during his time in the military, and he carries that to this day through ATM Freedom University. Building a teaching-based company made sense now that he is a veteran, and he wants to share everything he knows to foster entrepreneurs and become leaders of their own companies through mentorship.

Thomas is introducing a unique way for people to make money by taking a look back at old-school concepts, proving that ATMs are still profitable in 2022 and are here to stay. 

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