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Rising Artist From Newark, Ohio, Himintheflesh Sheds Light on His Journey in the Music Industry

Climbing the ladder of success can be such an arduous journey and often tests people’s determination to succeed. For people pursuing a career in the arts, the journey is filled with roadblocks and voices of doubt that hold them back and eventually make them fall out of their passion. Himintheflesh is a rising artist who has seen too many artists step out of the game and strive to succeed where others failed. 

Born Jordan James Freeman from Newark, Ohio, Himintheflesh is a rising artist whose early days in his career have already seen him collaborating with well-known producers Tay Keith and Pierre Bourne and has worked with artists like Antonia and CHXPO, the latter coming from Ohio as well. Although he has been in the industry for a short time, the rising artist has already amassed a cult following. His fanbase has been vocally supportive of his works despite releasing very few tracks online. With such a following, Himintheflesh has received several offers from some major label corporation deals. However, the young artist settled to sign a distribution deal for his hit single, ibeenupfordaysdontpanic.

Himintheflash shares an affinity for all forms of art, not just music. He has delved into the traditional and digital forms of visual arts. Himintheflesh has used his practice to create album cover art, occasionally blending the digital with the physical easel and brush on canvas, not just for his own songs but for other fellow rising artists and established ones. 

As an artist, Himintheflesh has only released four songs to date without any visuals. Despite the limited number of tracks to his name, the rising artist has accumulated such a vast following. Regarding his process, Himintheflesh has shared, “I do not write my music. I simply just feel the vibe, and if I feel it, then I’ll just say what comes to mind first.” The versatile artist followed up on the subject of his preferred genre by saying, “I am also not a rapper, but I also do literal art.” While his versatility already brings a uniqueness to his brand, he is also one of the first and only artists to carry autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. While most people would struggle to break out from such a disorder, Himintheflesh continued to move forward.

Himintheflesh shared how his background and surroundings served as a motivation to succeed: Growing up in a small town in the early 2000s, hip-hop was one of the biggest trends, and many local rappers and groups sprung up. However, each of them never had the drive to pursue their goals. Eventually, most promising talents gave up on rap, seeking out regular jobs to build an everyday life. Many of the local groups disbanded and started families. Himintheflesh picked up where they left off several years later, rapping and creating art for some local artists. By the time he was ready to start making a name for himself, the rapper lifestyle was almost, if not completely, gone. “I had to find my own recording studios,” the artist revealed, “I was taken (to one) by my good friend Ryan because no one in my city had the ambition, drive, and fire within them like me. Most of them would rather chill.”

Since then, Himintheflesh has become the most prominent artist in his city with an impressively short list of songs. He has already been featured on Elevator Magazine twice and has appeared on the No Jumper podcast. The world is wide open for the rising artist. He already sees himself signing to a major label and eventually creating his own to give the next generation of musicians a place to record quality music and create new sounds.

Learn more about Himintheflesh by visiting his official website and Instagram.

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