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Rising Artist J. Addo Sheds Spotlight on His Music Career and How His Disinterest Turned Into a Lifelong Passion

Many gifted individuals can spend their whole lives carrying their potential without putting themselves under the spotlight, afraid of trying and failing. For rising artist J. Addo, it took time to muster the courage to utilize his talent and pursue a professional career in the music industry. Realizing that he only had one life to live, J. Addo took on the challenge and has not looked back.

Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Jeff Addo, the rising musician, shared his early stint in music like many other artists in the industry—in the church. But, ironically, Addo was disinterested in participating at a young age.

“I was actually kicked out of the children’s choir,” revealed J. Addo. “Oddly enough, years later, I  actually became a singer. It’s crazy how the world works.” 

While his early exposure to music was unpleasant, J. Addo started to develop a deeper passion in high school. In 2010, he would inch closer to the music scene when he reached out to 10 to 15 girls, asking them to let him sing on their voicemail. Those who agreed found him one of the most talented people around and gave him great reviews, giving him newfound confidence to pursue music. Since then, he has been growing as an artist.

J. Addo attributes his confidence to his family, who have been his support system through his endeavors. He found out that his mother grew up as a singer in Ghana, passing on her musical gift to him and his older brother, an artist and producer known as Prah Di Jay. Thus, with two significant influences in his life, J. Addo took inspiration from his mother’s roots and learned from his brother as he pursued a professional career.

While it was not an easy journey, the rising musician has garnered a strong following who have helped put him under the spotlight. “I have had the honor of being on BET, MTV, Music Choice, Fox 5, ABC 7, CBS, and many more,” he revealed. Although talent is an undeniably important factor in making it in the music industry, J. Addo believes that his consistency has been just as influential in his career.

“Being consistent is something that is truly important when you’re trying to chase your dreams,” he said and added, “Being comfortable with hearing constructive criticism from peers is also a key factor in growth.”

Since embarking on his journey, J. Addo has released a couple of singles and recently launched his album Chosen. The album features seven tracks and includes the vocals of other artists like Kw3st, AMOGetItDone, Deuce Caliber, Bou, and Omar Vacel. With the latter, J. Addo released a music video for their song “Come Over,” which gives tribute to the video style of the 90s while bringing a beach vibe.

The album is only the first of many to come as J. Addo strives to join established names in the music industry. In addition, he hopes to grow his career and delve into other ventures like starting a podcast, establishing a business in the IT industry, and investing in real estate. Regardless of his future endeavors, J. Addo hopes to continue inspiring others.

You can get updates on J. Addo’s latest tracks by following him on Instagram and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

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