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Rising Comedian Jordan Jackson Shows He’s Ready to Take on the Bigger Stage in Entertainment

Everyone has dreamed of working in the entertainment business at some point in their childhood, whether it’s the face people see in posters, onstage as musicians, or online personality. For Jordan Jackson, the boyhood dream of entertainment is more than just a goal. 

Jordan Jackson is a rising name in entertainment, particularly as a comedian. Like the established names he looked up to, Jackson has a natural talent for making people laugh. Whether it was his voice, the way he said things, or his actions, the young comedian didn’t know, but he still enjoyed making people hold their bellies with tears in their eyes as they struggled to keep themselves from laughing too much. It was inevitable that Jackson would delve into comedy. He had the natural skills to create an outstanding career, and despite the doubts and words of discouragement that came his way, Jackson was able to take steps towards comedy.

Before pulling his act together for a wider audience, Jordan Jackson was a Southern Arkansas University student majoring in Theatre Arts. He polished his natural talent to gain more foundation as a writer, actor, and comedian. Jackson earned a reputation for impersonating celebrities, particularly Jimmie Walker’s legendary character JJ from the classic sitcom Good Times. His imitation is so spot-on that Jackson started to incorporate him into his comical skits. 

As a comedian, Jordan Jackson is a high-energy and actor with an air of charisma that can keep his audience entertained. His quick wit and funny animations are bound to make people fall out of their chairs from laughter. Jordan Jackson creates content with exaggerated scenarios that people can relate to. While most comedians resort to dirty or offensive jokes, Jordan Jackson likes to keep his content clean. He is aware of how some content can come off as insensitive and instead prefers to develop ideas that reflect on everyday life. 

Jackson’s works on YouTube predate to 2014, showing his long-term dedication to comedy. His works feature him playing various characters, including Jimmy Walker’s JJ from Good Times. Long before TikTok became one of the go-to sources for comedy, Jackson uploaded his short skits shot from his mobile phone. 

When the comedian started to get more recognition, he was given the opportunity to show his talent by joining Kountry Wayne’s tour. Kountry Wayne is another standup comedian who reached internet fame when his short sketch videos on Instagram boosted his popularity. Together, they toured the United States doing shows. Jackson saw Wayne’s success and decided to emulate a similar formula, posting his sketches on Instagram. There he found the audience he had been hoping to entertain.

Today, Jordan Jackson has over 128,000 followers on his account. He has been consistently creating content and has established himself as one of the most entertaining comedians in recent times. Jackson hopes that his career will take him to the big leagues to showcase his talent as a movie star and producer.

To learn more about Jordan Jackson, you may visit his website. You can also find Jackson’s works on YouTube. He also uploads snippets of his works on Instagram.

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