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Rising From the Ashes: David J Bradford’s Triumph Over Adversity to Financial Success

Rising From the Ashes: David J Bradford's Triumph Over Adversity to Financial Success
Photo Courtesy: David J Bradford

Within the domain of financial planning, narratives of triumph typically center on strategic acumen and shrewd market decisions. Yet, the narrative of David J Bradford, CEO of More With David and COO of Drive Planning, charts an alternative course—one etched with personal hardships, indomitable resilience, and an unyielding dedication to revolutionizing lives through distinctive wealth strategies. Bradford’s story stands as a departure from conventional success tales, spotlighting a journey that transcends traditional financial narratives. His trajectory is not solely about profits and losses but intricately woven with the threads of overcoming adversity and steadfastly championing unconventional approaches to wealth management. In a landscape often dominated by numerical gains, Bradford’s narrative adds a human touch, emphasizing the transformative impact of resilience and a steadfast commitment to innovative financial methodologies.

Personal Challenges and the Birth of Drive Planning

The journey began with a heartbreaking revelation – after 15 years of marriage and a commitment to transforming a church in Savannah, Georgia, into an interracial congregation, David discovered his wife’s infidelity. The subsequent divorce led to a custody battle for their five children, which David remarkably won, defying societal norms. However, this victory came at the cost of uprooting his family to his hometown of Sumter, South Carolina, leaving behind a shattered dream and a lost calling. Back in Sumter, in his parents’ home with five children, David found himself at a crossroads. The vision of his future had crumbled, and the familiar surroundings of Savannah were replaced by uncertainty.

“I had to steal myself against grieving the loss of my vision for my future with a family and being a pastor… Every day was scary and uncertain,” reflects David.

Fueled by a steadfast commitment to secure a future for his children, he found himself navigating through the tumultuous waters of life, bereaved yet resolute. During the chaos, he turned to a higher power, seeking solace and guidance. It was during this challenging period that an unexpected opportunity revealed itself, a glimmer of hope emanating from an unlikely source.

The Leap of Faith at 40

Rising From the Ashes: David J Bradford's Triumph Over Adversity to Financial Success

Photo Courtesy: David J Bradford

Starting afresh in a new career at 40 might seem daunting to many, but for David, it was a matter of survival. Reflecting on his faith, he shares, ‘I had complete faith that things would turn in my favor if I was faithful in the place I found myself.’ Embracing a mindset of persistence and hope, David tapped into his past successes, including sales in high school and college, as a foundation for the future. His unwavering faith drove his journey from managing a shoe department to selling cars, eventually leading him to secure a six-figure job in an outside sales role.

At a church in the city of Atlanta, he encountered Todd Burkhalter, the CEO of Drive Planning, whose path intersected with his own. In a leap of faith, he left a six-figure job to join the inception of Drive Planning. Despite the initial challenges of getting the company off the ground, David found a new calling in coaching, teaching, and guiding people with their finances, akin to a form of ministry.

The connection formed in that sacred space became a beacon of possibility, shedding light on a path forward. It was in Atlanta that he found not only financial guidance but also a companion in Gaby Giron, his new wife. The city, with its diverse experiences and chance encounters, became the backdrop for a transformative journey.

Resilience, Faith, and Determination in Building Drive Planning

The early years of Drive Planning were marked by financial struggles and skepticism from clients and traditional financial professionals. In a moment of despair, David found himself in a grocery store parking lot, weeping over the imminent foreclosure of his house and an inability to provide Christmas presents for his family. However, holding onto the principle that “the desires of the diligent are truly satisfied,” he pressed on. This perseverance paid off as the following year marked the turning point, with Drive Planning becoming profitable.

His resilience, faith, and determination were not only instrumental in overcoming personal adversities but also in establishing Drive Planning as a successful financial planning company. These qualities, coupled with a commitment to their vision of offering outside-the-box wealth ideas, allowed Drive Planning to thrive.

Unlocking Wealth Strategies and Reshaping the Financial Industry

David J Bradford challenges the notion that the wealth strategies of the rich are well-guarded secrets. Instead, he contends that these strategies are obscured by the financial institutions promoting traditional paths. “The institutions are so loud and so ubiquitous that you can’t ‘hear’ the long, time-proven plans the wealthy use, said David”.

Drive Planning takes clients through financial literacy modules to re-educate them and uncover the long-proven plans that the wealthy use. The key is to break free from the conventional wisdom perpetuated by most financial institutions.

As Drive Planning expands its reach with offices nationwide, David envisions even broader impacts on the financial industry. The company is set to launch in Hawaii, Texas, Kentucky, and even internationally in Medellin, Colombia, and Mexico. Training teams of agents and brokers, David sees an increasing number of professionals approaching them to join in their transformative vision.

“I am responsible to see Drive Planning grow in its reach and impact,” asserts David. His commitment to leaving no opportunity unturned reflects not only his entrepreneurial spirit but also a genuine desire to reshape the financial industry and help individuals achieve what he calls the success pyramid – to be physically fit, relationship-rich, and financially free.

David J Bradford’s story is a testament to the transformative power of faith, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to a vision, proving that from the ashes of personal adversity, one can rise to build not just a successful career but a legacy that transforms lives.


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