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Rising Musician Thomas Paxton Whitaker Gears Up for the Release of His Debut Album First Come First Served

The music industry is teeming with ripe talent these days. All throughout the four corners of the world, talented artists have been hard at work crafting up songs and creating melodic stories as a means of genuine self expression. Thomas Paxton Whitaker is an up-and-coming artist who wears many hats as an American poet, writer, composer, musician, producer, rapper, and artist. As part of Rook Enterprises/Fortress Records, the talented artist has built a reputation in the industry, and he is ready to make an even bigger splash with his debut album First Come First Served.

Born in Carrollton, Georgia, Thomas comes from a dominantly Scottish household with a strong Hebrew ancestry. His family genetics, birthplace, and the sounds of classic rock all play a massive role in defining the melodies that flow when he is writing.

“Growing up with my roots being tied to Georgia, my southern heritage completed the diversity of my individual unmatched writing style,” shared Thomas Paxton Whitaker.

The budding artist has been composing and playing music since he was a child. His music plucks from a range of musical influences such as Bach, Tchaikovsky, the Beatles, JoJo, Anthrax, Frank Sinatra, Bad Company, Kelly Clarkson, Bob Wills, and George Strait. With multiple genres under his belt, his music cannot be defined by a single influence, but without a doubt, it is distinctly Thomas.

Currently, the renowned artist is currently working on finishing up and releasing his debut album, First Come First Served. The album is set to release in the Fall of 2022, and audiences will be in for quite a treat. His diverse musical influences has allowed Thomas Paxton Whitaker to develop a very unique sound when it comes to writing songs.

“I’ve always tried to focus on real and positive content that influences people to want to do well in life and succeed,” explained the artist. 

Initially, he started his brand as the rap artist Rook, because the rook is a symbol of strength. The symbol fortifies a castle, which is the heart of a family – it’s home. In 2004, he established Rook Enterprises/Fortress Records where he could write and produce music that touches people’s souls, moves them emotionally, and keeps them in touch with the best parts of who they are.

Thomas has faced countless challenges in his life. His experiences have made him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, giving him a hard cutting-edge advantage when it comes to his musical peers.

“Everything I’ve gone through has shaped my character, which is reflected in, from, and through my work as a writer and musician,” said Thomas. 

When asked what motivated him to build his brand, Thomas Paxton Whitaker responded: “I wanted to be able to do something different in life. I had the desire to be original, and stand out in a crowd for the right reasons. Financial independence was a huge motivator.”

Overall, Thomas wants to inspire other artists to set out and reach for their dreams, he hopes that his art and his music will motivate others to earn success every step of the way and never give up when the going gets tough.

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