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Rising Rapper Macntaj Releases Masterpiece Debut Album Big Bloc Meign

Following the success of his singles, rising rap artist Macntaj is taking things further by releasing his debut album entitled Big Bloc Meign, a magnum opus of epic proportions released on August 13, 2021. The rapper is known for authentically showcasing his narrative through his masterfully written lyrics, delivered through unique rhythms. Big Bloc Meign, narrated by rap legend X-Raided, is a testament to where Macntaj has been, who he is today, and where he wants to go with his talent.

Big Bloc Meign was created with the ambitious intention of producing music that would stand the test of time, topple competition, and land on top of global music charts. The album also represents the sonic, and conceptual diversity Macntaj possesses as an artist. The rapper aims to amplify his unique attributes as a rapper, and he wants to share his story through his songs.

Big Bloc Meign tells Macntaj’s journey from his days as an aspiring artist aiming to break into the music industry to becoming the artist he is today on the brink of stardom. Macntaj shared that it was never an easy feat, but he stressed that writing and creating music became an avenue to express himself. And so, in his debut album, the artist wanted to share every bit of his journey to music lovers: stories of loyalty and betrayal, failure and success, relationship challenges, and the attainment of lifelong dreams.

Macntaj combined his skill to merge a classic approach to hip hop lyricism with his passion for modern sound in Big Bloc Meign, positioning himself as a rapper that bridges classic rap legends to today’s generation of artists. The rapper aims to stress that rap music can transcend between generations and different musical tastes.

Macntaj is currently based between Sacramento and Seattle, emerging as one of the most prolific artists of his time. He has consistently released top-tier music, including his visually stunning single and music video “Freefall.” Besides his lyrical abilities and having a sharp taste for captivating music, Macntaj is also known for translating his songs into captivating visuals. 

Macntaj caught the attention of Sacramento rap legend X-Raided, founder and CEO of Bloc Star Evolution. As a result, the rapper secured a seven-figure deal with the label, propelling his career to the next level.

The rapper continually proved his talent to the world with the release of another single last June entitled “Look Up.” The song was equipped with cautionary lyrics, accompanied by an emotionally raw music video. In addition, the rapper highlighted his ability to create colorful, comedic visuals through the single’s music video. “Look Up” is often regarded as Macntaj’s best work to date.

“I always believed in myself, always believed my brand offered something different. I’ve never claimed to be anything that I wasn’t. Everything I put in my music is from my life and nobody else’s: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to show kids who feel like the world is against them that they can succeed,” shared Macntaj. On the same day Macntaj released Big Bloc Meign, the rapper also released a video for the song  “Blue in the Face.”

To learn more about Macntaj and his new album Big Bloc Meign, visit the rapper’s official website.

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