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Robert White’s Odyssey Is Crafting a Legacy With Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc.

Robert White
Photo Courtesy: Jason Tubbs

By: Ava Carter

In the heart of Corning, New York, a unique tale of entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision unfolds with Robert White at the helm of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. Founded in 2013 with a daring venture fueled by a mere $400 and a profound dream, the company has blossomed into a dynamic force, reshaping the entertainment and marketing landscape.

The journey began as a humble booking service, but under Robert White’s visionary leadership, Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. has metamorphosed into a multifaceted entity with an impact reaching far beyond its origins. White’s passion for the arts and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit have been the driving forces behind the company’s evolution, showcasing his commitment to leave behind a lasting legacy.

An exclusive interview with Robert White provides insights into the early years, shaped by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of creativity. “I always believed in the power of creativity and its ability to bring about generational change. I started this company to create a new branch in the family tree, something I could leave behind for my children that would give them opportunity, options, and an open mindset about what the future could be,” White shared.

The company’s expansion into diverse ventures reflects White’s fusion of art, entertainment, and business. From hosting international model search contests through Savoir Faire to redefining public relations with Admired PR, the company’s portfolio mirrors White’s diverse interests and commitment to innovation.

Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. weathered significant challenges during the global pandemic, a period that tested not only its financial resilience but also the health of its founder. White candidly shared, “The Covid Pandemic had my business on fumes. The day the country shut down, my company lost thousands of dollars in business. I was unqualified for SBA grants and loans, due to personal debt, but I also contracted Covid and was hospitalized because of it.”

White’s determination shone through during this adversity, turning the challenges into opportunities for growth and adaptation. “In the start of 2023, when the world was opening again, I knew I couldn’t let this company fail, and so I went back to basics, back to the beginning and started grinding and building it again!” he remarked.

Today, Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. stands as a multidimensional powerhouse, hosting international model search contests, redefining public relations, and pioneering metaverse site creation and AI services. The company’s divisions, including Admired PR and Innovate XR, showcase a commitment to innovation and adaptability, positioning it as a formidable force in the industry

White’s personal mission to reshape his family tree and leave behind a legacy is palpable. “I have an image hanging next to my front door at home that says, ‘I feel like making dreams come true.’ Because I do, and I’m reminded before I even walk out the door,” he expressed.

As Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. continues to evolve under Robert White’s leadership, the future appears promising. The enduring power of creativity, resilience, and a visionary pursuit defines not only the company’s narrative but also its impact on the entertainment and marketing industry. In the heart of Corning, New York, Robert White and Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. are crafting a legacy that transcends time, embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship that defines the American dream.

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