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Robertson Business Solutions, the Leading Recruitment Firm That Bridges Organizations with the Top Sales Talents of the Industry

There are many ways that one can positively impact the lives of others. While delving into the medical industry is the most forward path to this goal, Linda Robertson found there were other ways she could influence others. Working in several Medical Device companies, she later created Robertson Business Solutions, becoming one of the most sought-after names for talent acquisition and careers in the industry.

Linda Robertson is a renowned entrepreneur, marketer, business leader, in-demand coach, and leading authority in talent acquisition for organizations looking to expand their teams from sales to leadership. Before she became one of the leading experts in the industry, Linda worked in the medical industry as a registered nurse and Medical Device sales and leadership professional..

Early into her career, she recognized how sales would impact her patients’ lives and improve the quality of the nursing practice. However, her experience as a leader in the medical device industry, Linda also saw how all sectors and companies shared similar challenges—employee turnover, competition for talent, poor hiring practices, talent shortage, and retention challenges. 

In 2000, Linda would create Robertson Human Assets Management (later Robertson Business Solutions), a company she runs with her husband. With her team, Linda would successfully and consistently place high-performing sales and management professionals into growing companies. The founder personally delivers coaching to individuals and management teams uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for growth and expansion. Robertson Business Solutions ensures clients have the right staff, systems, and processes to succeed.

The company is known for its system and process, helping the team recruit and source candidates for their clients. Robertson Solutions is also renowned for being a fit-driven company rather than focusing on the revenue it can generate for itself which is part of their client and candidate intake process. Using their proprietary system to match candidates based on a unique set of criteria is critical to their establishing the right fit-“the right candidate to the right role and the right company”.

Through Robertson Business Solutions, Linda would delve into a leadership role. Her unique ability to attract and retain high-performing individuals allows her to exceed expectations and outperform her competitors. She attributes her success to the systems and processes used to attract and retain high performers and their contributions to the organizations.

Linda Robertson’s approach is considered the cleanest, most straightforward, fastest, and most ethical way to build profitable relationships, helping companies expand their team. Additionally, she works with her clients to set realistic goals and improve their hiring and onboarding processes, helping them stay updated with industry trends essential to attracting and retaining top talent.

For over two decades, Robertson Business Solutions have worked with hiring managers and candidates for the interview and hiring process. However, many internal and external recruits have found themselves lost in the busy work of human resources, losing sight of the two interested parties in the recruitment process—the candidates and the corporation/hiring manager. 

Despite this setback, Linda has always approached the process from a relationship-first perspective, fostering long-lasting, trusting relationships with clients and candidates. In addition to helping clients find the right talent, she is also passionate about teaching candidates how they can interview effectively.

“Over the past 20 years, we have seen companies face many different challenges within the medical device industry, with ebbs and flows in their needs for talent. In this talent scarce market, it is easy for companies to fall behind their competitors that have internal recruitment strategies to attract talent to their business. From our experience, small to fortune 500 companies are all being impacted by the lack of human resources and ability to attract and retain talent,” Linda shared.

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