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Ruby Sliders Receives Top Review from Men’s Journal

Have you ever brought home the perfect piece of furniture, only to find that it damages your floor every time you move it? Traditional felt sliders stand out like a sore thumb, and tend to leave you in the lurch when you need them most. Adhesive felt sliders wear down over time and fall off, leaving your floors vulnerable to damage. 

Ruby Sliders are made of an innovative silicone material that will adhere to any chair or table leg, and they’re already getting glowing reviews from top sites. Men’s Journal found that Ruby Sliders saves both time and money, providing premium care for your floors and furniture. They cite ease of use and dependability as two of the top features, calling Ruby Sliders the “cult favorite we never knew we needed.” See what everyone is raving about, and try out Ruby Sliders for yourself.

Protect Your Floors and Your Sanity

Have you ever pushed out your chair, only to be greeted with a loud screech? It’s as bad as nails on a chalkboard. Homeowners often turn to felt sliders to protect their floors, but anyone can benefit from a quiet workspace. Whether at home or in the office, attaching felt sliders to your chair will minimize background noise and help you focus on the things that matter. Ruby Sliders are easy to pop on and off, meaning you can bring them into your office or workspace without permanently affixing them to the office furniture. It’s one office hack we will be using again and again. 

Set It and Forget It

Maintaining your home is a lifelong process, but there are a few things you can do now that will save you time and money in the long run. Ruby Sliders are the low-maintenance solution to floor scuffs and scratches, and once you put them on, you can completely forget about them. They’ll keep doing the work. 

Once your Ruby Sliders are in place, they will stay firmly attached to your furniture, ensuring that your floors will stay in great shape for years to come. It’s a win-win solution.

Save Time and Money 

Repairing floor damage can be costly and extremely time consuming. Many floor scratches require professional attention, which can quickly run into the thousands of dollars. But even for minor damage, Ruby Sliders can make a big difference. If you’ve ever had to repeatedly mop and shine your floors to remove unsightly scuff marks, felt sliders will save you time and money. Cut out unnecessary chores and reclaim your time: let Ruby Sliders do the work for you and keep your floors looking pristine.

Tried and True

Don’t just take our word for it: reviewers are raving. One Ruby Sliders review calls out the invisible design as the main selling point, while another points to the durability and flexibility. Whether your furniture is made of metal, wood, or plastic, Ruby Sliders have you covered. They slip easily onto any type of furniture, and once you put them on you can rest assured that they won’t be going anywhere. The durable felt bottom is made of a tight nano-weave material that is attached to the silicone base with an industrial-strength adhesive. So as long as you need them, Ruby Sliders will perform for you and keep your floors safe.

Ruby Sliders Are The Affordable Option 

You probably have a lot of chairs in your house, but you don’t need to break the bank to keep them covered. When you buy in bulk, each Ruby Slider comes out to less than $1. For less than the price of a cup of coffee you can cover one of your chairs or tables, and feel confident in the knowledge that it will be covered for life. Bonus: your purchase is well protected. Ruby Sliders come with an extended 10-year-guarantee; so if anything happens to them, simply return the slider for a full refund.

Ruby Sliders are Durable and Reusable 

Most sliders use adhesives to attach directly to your furniture. This will not only damage your pieces, leaving behind ugly marks and chipped paint, it means they can’t be reused.

Ruby Sliders are changing the game; now you can easily transfer your sliders from one piece of furniture to another without leaving behind unsightly marks. The felt slider attaches to the silicone base – not your furniture – meaning your furniture won’t be damaged. It’s all gain, no pain.

One of the best features of Ruby Sliders is that they stand the test of time. Because of the unique design and industrial strength adhesive, Ruby Sliders are incredibly durable when tested against similar sliders. This is one product you will be using again and again on all of your furniture pieces.

Cut It Out

Back-breaking work, that is. If you’ve ever tried to push a heavy piece of furniture across the room, you know what we’re talking about. Not only is it damaging to your floors and your furniture, it’s exhausting. Whether you have young kids who want to clear space for an impromptu dance party, or a standing Friendsgiving party every year, you need to be able to move your furniture around to suit your lifestyle. Ruby Sliders make rearranging furniture a breeze: the felt bottoms glide effortlessly over your floors, making that back-breaking work a thing of the past.

A Fit for Everyone 

We all have different types of furniture – chairs with bowed legs, tables with intricate designs – but whatever furniture style you’re dealing with, Ruby Sliders will adapt to you. The sliders fit all types of furniture legs, adjusting to the correct size easily. The flexible design means that you don’t have to take any measurements or order different sizes for different pieces in your home.

Not only will the silicone base flex to the correct size, the invisible design will ensure that your Ruby Sliders don’t disrupt your decor. Once they’re on, they’re virtually invisible.

You’ve taken the time to surround yourself with furniture that you love, and decor that represents your unique style. Your home is a labor of love; now it’s time to protect that labor for years to come. See what everyone is talking about, and invest in your first set of Ruby Sliders today.

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