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Rusty Diamond, CH Takes the Reins on ‘Hypnosis Is Great’ and ‘Rusty Concept’

Different fields and sectors highlight success as a product not only of multiple achievements but also of adversities and trials by fire. As a matter of fact, the bedrocks of the most thriving careers are often past failures and previous rejections that bring valuable lessons and insights. In the case of Rusty Diamond, CH, it is shown that wielding a resilient mindset and possessing a character of granite can take one to greater heights. Today, he stands as the esteemed founder and owner of two companies—Hypnosis Is Great, LLC and Rusty Concept. 

As someone who has been through his fair share of ups and downs, Rusty Diamond, CH, understands that greatness takes a lot of time and effort. With his companies, Hypnosis Is Great, LLC and Rusty Concept, he wants to send across the message that difficulties and hardships are nothing but necessary steps in the road to triumph. This visionary leader believes that success would not be as meaningful and fulfilling without these challenges and obstacles. 

Widely acknowledged for having more than one trick up his sleeve, Rusty Diamond, CH proves to be a man of many talents and skills. This multifaceted figure is a pro wrestler, hypnotist, stand-up comedian, musician, podcast host, reseller, actor, TV and movie extra and stand-in, TV producer, YouTube and TikTok content creator, voice-over artist, playwright, live show producer, live show host, promoter, PA announcer, color commentator, and play-by-play announcer. With his long list of credentials, this go-getter intends to take his brainchildren, Hypnosis Is Great, LLC and Rusty Concept, to the forefront of the industry. 

Ever since he was little, Rusty Diamond, CH already understood the value of perseverance and endurance. During his high school years, he eventually learned the importance of having side hustles. He then promised himself that he would also be on the lookout for expanding his horizons. As a result, he became the repertoire of expertise that he is today. 

Since taking the reins of Hypnosis Is Great, LLC, Rusty Diamond, CH has shed light on what hypnosis is all about. “Anyone can benefit from hypnosis,” he explained. “I want people to experience the wonders of hypnosis, and if it is not with me, that is totally fine. I have great hypnotists who are a phone call away,” the founder added. 

Aside from hypnosis, Rusty Diamond, CH also talked about his passion for reselling, which he incorporated into Rusty Concept. According to him, there is a sense of fulfillment in helping consumers and purchasers find what they are looking for. “In reselling, I am looking for treasures and taking the legwork out of those scouring the world for products and whatnot,” he said. 

As can be gleaned from his journey, Rusty Diamond, CH, is an advocate of hard work and diligence. Being someone who overcame roadblocks through his industrious efforts, he wants to use his companies, Hypnosis Is Great, LLC and Rusty Concept, to encourage others to pursue their dreams. With these platforms, he shows that the business landscape is a vast tract of endless opportunities and limitless possibilities. His mission is to prove that success is just around the corner. 

Learn more about Hynposis Is Great, LLC and Rusty Concept here

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