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Sarah Tromley’s Talent Shines through in New Song “In Too Deep”

Sarah Tromley’s undeniable talents have taken center stage on her journey as an artist, and she has spent the last few years growing as an artist. With her songs sending her audiences to the cliff of their emotions and getting them to revel in them, she has earned her place as many people’s favorite and continues to build a career on their support. Her latest single, “In Too Deep,” is a further testament that she still has more up her sleeves as a musician.

“In Too Deep,” tells Sarah’s story and sums up her journey through life, dealing with anxiety and disillusion with the city and the music industry. Co-produced by Hitco Music executives and co-written by TikTok sensation and music talent Francis Karel, the song leans deeply into heavy yet subdued pop and rock energy. Describing her feelings, Sarah Tromley said: “I’m beyond excited to share this part of my journey with the fans. The rock  genre has been part of my early childhood, so it feels intimate and familiar. This song will show a new side of me that people haven’t seen before, and I’m very excited to see what everyone thinks.”

Since she broke into the music scene, Sarah Tromley has pursued success as an independent artist, making songs that explore themes like sexuality, embracing femininity and pure vulnerability. She has curated her brand to portray her as a conscious artist who leans into the pain of her world and showcases the healed side while at it. Her music shows the possibility of overcoming challenges and feeling better no matter what a person is going through. 

Releasing “In Too Deep” is her way of positioning herself to reach the top of the music charts, and the song drawing influence from a wide range of musical elements gives audiences something to hold on to. Her fans have enjoyed her performance on covers of different songs, and releasing her own original song solidifies her place with the fans.

Over the course of her career, Sarah Tromley has worked with artists affiliated with Young Thug and the HitCo Music team on some upcoming releases that include Kuk Harrell’s talented team of writers and engineers. She was also credited by Jelli Dorman for award-winning work with Lil Nas X, Cardi B, and Normani.

The Portland native was motivated to build a music career by listening to music as a young girl. Her parents listened to music a lot and exposed her early to many of the artists that influenced her sound. Some of her music influences include Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, and Bon Iver. She also draws inspiration from her life experiences and believes that she would not have a career if she did not experience all she did in her life. 

With “In Too Deep” gaining massive airplay, she sees herself putting out more music and taking on the business world using entertainment as her launchpad. She plans to get her name and brand on products and promote them worldwide. She also hopes to go on national tours performing to her dedicated fans and putting out more music to entertain her fans.

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