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Sean Grevy, Advertising CEO, Focused on Breaking Barriers and Promoting Diversity Within the World of Ice Hockey

Individuals and institutions that are grounded on the mission of impacting lives and making the world a better place have been garnering accolades for their selfless efforts and deep-rooted intentions. Two examples of establishments that have taken center stage for their remarkable entrepreneurial vision and outstanding philanthropic initiatives are 43  OAK and the 43 OAK Foundation. Standing at the helm of the said company and non-profit organization, Sean Grevy takes significant strides to the forefront of the industry.

Every now and then, one would come across a venture or undertaking anchored in achieving financial goals and creating positive changes in society. In the case of 43 OAK and the 43 OAK Foundation, their values are all about fighting for causes that are bigger than their organizations. By having priorities that rest on the welfare of others, these humanitarian platforms have become subjects of appreciation. 

Sean is immensely fueled by the desire to build opportunities for others amid adversities and challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. On a mission to translate others’ dreams into a reality, he believes in being of service to the underserved community, especially during trying times. Since starting 43 OAK and the 43 OAK Foundation, he has been doing his part in touching lives and making a difference. 

43 OAK is an advertising agency that specializes in media buying and planning. This emerging powerhouse intends to revolutionize the marketing industry by being innovative and advising its clients on traditional and new cutting edge digital marketing opportunities. 43 OAK serves as a true consultant on all things media related, while representing their clients in their media buying and planning. 43 OAK prides itself on going the extra mile, by viewing itself as a part of the marketing team of each client they serve.

The 43 OAK Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on breaking the barriers of inclusion and furthering education for minorities and the underprivileged in the greater New York City area, specifically those interested in playing ice hockey.

Born and raised in the East Oak Lane neighborhood of North Philadelphia, Sean grew up in a highly diverse neighborhood that allowed him to interact with people from different races. “My childhood was an invaluable experience that taught me to accept people for who they are as individuals, and not as members of a race,” he said. Through the 43 Oak Foundation, he pushes for diversity inclusion within the world of ice hockey. 

With people-oriented principles and service-centered values, Sean strives to establish a legacy that speaks volumes about his vision. His dedication to giving back to his community stems from the understanding that success is more meaningful when shared with others. His ventures and projects, such as 43 OAK and the 43 OAK Foundation, stand as good reminders that there is more to businesses than generating income and growing profit. 

As an advocate of personal growth and professional development, Sean wants to send the powerful message that aiming for success does not require losing one’s soul. Quite the contrary, people should conquer endeavors and pursue ambitions that make them feel alive. 

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