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Senpex Shipping Nationwide

Last-mile logistics company Senpex has already revolutionized how deliveries are made locally. Now, they have set their sights on changing nationwide shipping with their new service, Senpex Nationwide.

With Senpex Nationwide, a customer can place an order through Senpex for a courier to pick up their parcel and transport it to a national carrier, who will then be able to ship it anywhere nationwide. The national carrier will then take the package to any destination in the country that they serve. 

“We are beginning our pilot program in San Francisco,” says Anar Mammadov, co-founder and CEO of Senpex. “But we plan to expand to more markets as the service is perfected.”

Why use Senpex Nationwide?

One of the primary benefits of using a service like Senpex Nationwide is that customers no longer have to go to a post office in person. Instead, they can place an order online through Senpex and let the company’s couriers take care of the rest. “A tremendous amount of time can be saved by not waiting in line at the post office or pack-and-ship store,” explains Mammadov. 

Senpex Nationwide can also help manage the packing of customers’ parcels. If a customer doesn’t have the basic packing materials they need to ship their packages, the courier can ensure that their package is ready to be sent via the national carrier partner’s specifications.

Senpex’s couriers will also take the hassle of label creation off of customers’ backs. The company has partnered with several locations of major national carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL to have access to label machines, allowing them to print labels on demand and at a reasonable price.  

With their last-mile logistics service, Senpex was known for its advanced ability to handle large orders, which is also the case with their new Senpex Nationwide service. The hassle and cost of packing can be frustrating for customers managing a large number of parcels, and it’s easy to make mistakes when handling larger volumes of packages. With Senpex’s professional couriers, however, customers can rest assured that their order will be completed accurately. 

Senpex Nationwide also offers better tracking information than its competitors. Customers can see the status of their parcel in real-time at every step in its transportation, from when the Senpex courier picks it up to when the national carrier drops it off at its destination. Thanks to Senpex’s intuitive and detailed dashboard, customers will no longer have to wait days for their package’s tracking information to populate.

Compared to other courier services, Senpex Nationwide can provide customers with savings of nearly 25%, thanks to their partnerships with national carriers and local pack-and-ship businesses. As a result, customers not only get the added convenience of not having to go into a physical store to drop off their parcels, but they can also get them shipped at a significantly reduced rate.

Revolutionizing the shipping industry

It isn’t only customers who will benefit from this service — Senpex’s national carrier partners will also benefit from increased order quantities with much less work. Rather than their own drivers having to pick up and manage shipments, Senpex’s couriers bring them to the store’s location prepacked, labeled, and ready to be processed. 

Local pack-and-ship stores can also employ Senpex Nationwide’s services directly. Rather than managing pick-ups themselves, they can place an order through Senpex, which will then dispatch a driver to bring the parcel to their store. As a result, their businesses will be able to grow significantly in scale. In addition, Senpex Nationwide is also revolutionizing the idea of what Mammadov calls “ghost post offices.” 

“Think of a ghost warehouse,” Mammadov explains, “or a warehouse that functions on artificial intelligence. Our ghost post offices are similar to that, except it is the label printing and package processing done via AI. The result is increased efficiency and savings that can be passed on to the consumer.”

Whether one doesn’t have enough time on their hands to take their parcels to the post office, or they just want to rest assured that their packages are in the best hands, Senpex Nationwide is an exciting new way for them to get their packages delivered. “Senpex Nationwide will offer the same quick, quality service that customers have come to expect from us,” asserts Mammadov. “It’s just on a much larger scale.”

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