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Shakir Hammadi’s The Jersey Nation Giving People the Freedom to Create their Jerseys

In branding, there is a massive power in personalization. Giving people something that resonates with them on personal levels is one of the ways to create a connection. And as far as jerseys go, for many people, it goes beyond just the colors or the team the jersey is associated with. People want to feel connected, and for the past two years, The Jersey Nation has been at the forefront of creating that connection through its customized jerseys.

Founded by Shakir Hammadi in 2020, The Jersey Nation is an Australian fashion label that is transforming how jerseys are worn worldwide. Its core offering is changing how people order their favorite jerseys by adding a more personalized touch with their preferred images, icons, logos and colors.

On The Jersey Nation’s official website, customers access custom jersey software. The software offers numerous features and functions that allow anyone to create a jersey with virtually any design. Customers can select their preferred font, enter a text of their choice, add any image, select the jersey color, and apply any design idea, including holidays, military, college, sports and teams, religious, first responders etc. Different graphic options are also available on the website, such as tech, Hip-hop artists like Lil Uzi Vert, XXX Tentacion and Travis Scott, Black Panther and many others.

Jersey Nation’s goal with its business model is to help people forge strong connections with some of their favorite things in life, from movies to iconic sports players, television shows, prominent Hip-hop figures, R&B artists and many other culture-defining things.

Since its launch, the brand has enjoyed immense success thanks to its widespread acceptance globally. Within its first year, it made over $800,000 in revenue and landed partnerships with celebrities including DDG, NickYoung, The Professor, Emmanuel Mudiay and more. The brand also has an extensive product portfolio that features various basketball, football, high-school and pop culture-inspired jersey designs.

The Jersey Nation promises customers worldwide shipping while covering all the major payment methods, including a payment partnership with Klarna that allows customers to buy their jerseys and pay later. The company’s success can be attributed to the level of quality it has delivered to its past customers. In the review left by one customer, Amir Young Y., he said:

“The Jersey came right on time for my 24th birthday, and the color was just so Immaculate.” Some celebrities have also left rave reviews about the product after receiving and wearing it. DDG’s review is available on YouTube on The Jersey Nation’s channel.

Over the next few years, Shakir Hammadi sees the brand becoming more prominent and joining forces with many global brands to connect with their audience, fans and customers. “We have achieved significant success since we launched, and we look forward to achieving more. Creating connections is one of the most important things in today’s world, and we’re helping people create those connections with some of the things that keep the world sane – entertainment and memories,” Shakir Hammadi said.

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