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Shaping the Future: Page Parkes and Her Unconventional Approach to Nurturing Talent

Page Parkes
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In the world of modeling and talent management, few names resonate as powerfully as Page Parkes. With a career spanning over four decades, Parkes has been instrumental in discovering and nurturing some of the industry’s most successful talents. But her work extends far beyond the glitz and glamour of the runway or the silver screen. Parkes has a unique vision for the industry, one that places a strong emphasis on mental health, personal growth, and holistic development of young talents.

Page Parkes Corporation, her brainchild, is not just a talent agency. It’s a platform that fosters personal growth and prepares young talents for the challenges of the industry and life. Parkes’ journey in the industry started in Europe, where she studied fashion design. It was there that she realized the power of models in selling her designs. This realization sparked a curiosity in her, leading her down a path of talent representation.

“I saw that the models were the commodity. They would show up, they would go get fitted, and then on to the runway to sell the clothes. So I just became curious after winning a fashion award and knowing it wasn’t my fashion, it was the models that won for my collection,” Parkes recalls.

Parkes’ approach to talent management is unique and deeply personal. She believes in the power of authenticity and the importance of personal growth. “Changing the state of mind, changes the way we see ourselves and the power we give other people,” she says.

Her philosophy extends to her work with young talents, where she focuses on teaching them life skills and helping them navigate mental health issues. Parkes’ Teen Leadership Camp is a testament to her commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. The camp, which she personally teaches, is designed to equip teenagers with the skills they need to succeed in life, not just in their careers.

“We teach them to repeat what the parent says before they leave the house. So the mother says, I want you back here at 10:00. And then if you say so, mom, let me understand. You need me home by ten. You’re giving peace to your mother. Then she thinks you got it,” Parkes explains.

The camp also addresses the challenges posed by social media and the impact it has on mental health. Parkes believes that social media can be a double-edged sword, offering opportunities for exposure while also contributing to mental health issues among young people.

“Kids are hurting themselves. Their mental health is spiraling for sure. I had a hard time growing up, and I didn’t have social media to live up to realistic standards. We didn’t have that, and were still insecure, so can you imagine?” she says.

Despite the challenges, Parkes remains optimistic and committed to her mission. She believes in the power of integrity, authenticity, and personal growth. And she continues to inspire and nurture young talents, shaping the future of the industry one individual at a time.

“I am in such a powerful position. Moms and dads look to me to guide them on this path with their children. We have a voice that isn’t their parents,” she says.

Page Parkes is more than a talent agent. She’s a mentor, a guide, and a visionary. Her unconventional approach to nurturing talent is shaping the future of the industry, one individual at a time. Through her work, she is not only creating successful models and actors but also well-rounded individuals who are equipped to handle the challenges of life. Her focus on mental health, personal growth, and authenticity sets her apart and makes her a true pioneer in the field. As she continues to inspire and guide young talents, the impact of her work will undoubtedly be felt for generations to come.

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