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Sharon Champagne Terry Embarks on a Coaching Venture for New Authors

Successful author Sharon Champagne Terry knows all too well how challenging and demanding being a writer can be. Hers was a journey that was filled with unpredictable turns and discouraging moments, but her passion for her craft and her determination to succeed were enough motivators to bring her where she is now, a thriving author who is making time to empower aspiring individuals to write the way they ought to through her writing classes. 

The owner of Champagne Books is also collaborating with her publishing company to offer screenwriting classes as a coach and trainer at Coach John Screenwriting Academy. Sharon Champagne Terry is the creator of the TV show The Goddess, which will air in the fall on MJOWN Network on Roku. She also wrote the screenplay for the pilot episode. Being able to take the time to impart her writing skills to a new generation of writers is her way of ushering in a new era of solid and passionate writers who value quality and creativity altogether. 

Best known in the industry as Champagne, Sharon Champagne Terry was born and raised in Rochester, New York. She is considered a modern-day renaissance woman for being able to wear several hats and be equally productive at each of them, from being an author to screenwriter, model, actress, motivational speaker, executive producer, and entrepreneur. Her most recent stint in acting was playing the role of Vanessa in a comedy by Unc Trenet titled I’ll Drink to That. She also appeared in the film Living the Dream and the web series In Between Jobs. When it comes to exploring new facets of her artistry, there is no stopping her from trying out new things. 

Sharon Champagne Terry recently closed a deal for an urban fiction release, The Goddess of Lust, Love, and Infatuation Part 1, Blissful Lust Part 2, and the anthologies Dark Memories and The Crossover. She has been nominated twice as Author of the Year in the Rocawards, Author Academy Awards, and Top Female Author of 2019. At the rate that she is going, it is highly likely that she will one day soon take home an award for her exceptional work. 

As a print and runway model under Hass Entertainment, Sharon Champagne Terry has appeared in several high-profile fashion shows, including The Night of Elegance and The Summit during the much-anticipated New York Fashion Week. She has confidently raised the banner for all plus-size women across the country and the world, showing everyone that beauty is not defined by a single shape. In doing this, she hopes to inspire more and more women to value the uniqueness of their body shape and not be influenced by what some fashion brands dictate. 

Her productive and exciting career has attracted the interest of several news agencies who wish for her to share her secrets to success. She has been featured and interviewed on the DJ Gatsby Show, Vibration Radio, Good Deeds Radio, On the Rise Radio, Highly Unique Radio, Face the Reality Radio, The Authors Show, African Online Broadcasting, Big Body Broadcasting, The Situation Room, WXIR 100.9, HOT914 and TPN Live with media personalities Nikki Rich and Seleah Simone. She is also the owner of SUPERBTV.

Her current success has inspired Sharon Champagne Terry to pursue greater feats, including rising to the top of the movie industry in the next few years. Seeing how phenomenal she is both in front and behind the camera, there is no doubt that she will achieve her latest aspiration with flying colors. 

Learn more about Sharon Champagne Terry by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 

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