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Shayla Gaskins Talks Removing Language Barriers and the Importance of Learning Indigenous African Languages Through Resplendence

Given the long list of challenges that come hand in hand with starting and scaling a successful company, not every entrepreneur or founder can manage to propel their ventures to great heights. For many, merely providing the products and services they promised would not suffice, while others eventually see the error in pursuing profit above anything else. Several powerhouses that now stand at the forefront of their respective industries were able to survive, stand out, and thrive because of the purpose that drives their initiatives and the passion at the heart of their efforts. Resplendence Language Arts is one such company that has succeeded in carving a position in the language services industry, thanks to the strategic mind of Shayla Gaskins and her heart for making a difference. 

With 20 years of experience in both business and education under her belt, Shayla Gaskins is an accomplished educator who has worked as a TESOL teacher and assumed critical roles for several prominent universities. This multifaceted personality, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Writing and a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication with a concentration in Advertising and Marketing, as well as a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, has continuously operated while guided by one question in mind: how could she be of service?

Highly inspired to serve and make a mark and positioned with an understanding of the gaps in the language services industry, Shayla Gaskins launched Resplendence Language Arts, a language collaboration house seeking to reduce and remove language barriers, empower students, and create a sustainable emphasis on African language studies. “I built RLA because it simply had never been done before,” shared the purpose-driven founder. “I saw a critical need, and instead of complaining how something does not exist on the market, I created it.”

Today, this brainchild of Shayla Gaskins, the first-ever global African language house, is spearheaded by a team with over 75 years of combined teaching experience. It teaches languages such as Twi and Ga of Ghana, Swahili of East Africa, Kriolu of Cape Verde, Yoruba of Nigeria, Wolof of Senegal, Fula, Mandika, Bubi of Bioko Island, and even Afro-Perspective Spanish. Licensed in the USA, Ghana, and Zanzibar, Resplendence offers online and in-person classes for children and adults, relying on modern teaching approaches and engaging learning strategies to help students develop their skills. 

Apart from the quality of its services, Resplendence continues to attract countless students because of the people at the frontline – the teachers. “All native speakers, our extremely diverse tribe of teachers are fundamentally passionate about our languages. When hiring, we look for that ‘je na sais quoi’ type of passion. We take that passion, combine it with modern and improved educational techniques and technologies, and create safe spaces where our students feel well-connected and supported,” explained Shayla Gaskins.

Since its establishment, Resplendence has stayed committed to its mission of creating a language world that not only supports students’ desire to learn an African language but also encourages them to learn the culture, art, and rich history involved. Under the leadership of Shayla Gaskins, this acclaimed language house is expected to remain an advocate for African language learning in the years to come. 

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