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Shedit Pro Offers Cutting-Edge Innovation to Neighborhoods Across Colorado

Xeriscaping is changing how landscapes operate, removing the need for high-maintenance irrigation and high costs. At the forefront of this unique innovation and its proliferation across the Colorado area is Shedit Pro, a company that hopes to empower the community and help preserve the natural beauty of people’s landscapes.

In spring 2021, an ambassador for resource conservation called Shedit.Pro, launched an initiative to offer WaterWise Xeriscape design and installation services to environmentally conscious homeowners in Colorado to improve landscape maintenance practices while conserving water. The company believes in and pushes forward the method of Xeriscaping, as it considers that the approach not only showcases the state’s natural beauty but also conserves the resources necessary for the environment to thrive. 

Over the past few months, the company has ramped up its operations and seeks to serve more homes and individuals across Colorado. Shedit.Pro is committed to offering customers fast, straightforward, and personalized service through same-day estimates and one-on-one design services. The company maintains its competitiveness by getting customers involved in every step of the process and offering its Best Value Guarantee by sourcing the highest quality contractors for projects. The company maintains an efficient process, which includes an on-site plan and estimate, a fully scaled design tailored to HOA and state requirements, a timely installation schedule, installation completion, and a complete ongoing maintenance plan.

Colorado’s growing outdoor community has helped maintain a sense of freshness and revitalization, which Shedit hopes to support with Xeriscaping. The approach will not only conserve water but also save money. Shedit.Pro has partnered with several statewide programs to ensure the success of its WaterWise initiative and looks to take the project beyond Colorado’s state lines. This initiative will benefit homeowners by conserving resources and saving money.

Shedit.Pro takes pride in its commitment to resource conservation and providing high-quality landscapes. The company serves homeowners from all walks of life interested in gardening, landscape design, Xeriscape, Waterwise landscape, resource conservation, and artistic landscape demonstrations. It is a suitable approach for homeowners and commercial property owners looking to improve the value of their property and enhance their lifestyle through Zen landscaping.

“We want people to know there is a company dedicated to resource conservation and designs and installs its project with a Waterwise initiative in mind,” explains Luis Galvan of Shedit. “Shedit.Pro puts the environment first, sources its materials from the most environmentally friendly suppliers, and fights for the lowest price possible while keeping the product’s value up.”

In addition to offering homeowners the opportunity to “shed” their lawns, Shedit.Pro also provides access to its “Shed,” which includes various home improvement options such as landscape, yard maintenance, and handyman services. With fully customizable packages available, Shedit.Pro is here to support your lifestyle with a focus on water conservation and resource management.

Shedit.Pro strives to create a safe and energetic work environment for its employees, including fitness and nutritional partnerships to improve their well-being. The company’s services are also appropriate for customers looking to upgrade their yards for resale or take advantage of state turf replacement programs that offer incentives for replacing turf.

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