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Shiv Thakor’s Contagious Mindset Helping People Overcome

Many people often set high and lofty goals for themselves but fail to have the tenacity and resources to persevere when obstacles come between them and those objectives. With the help of performance coach Shiv Thakor, that predicament has now started to become a problem of the past for many of his clients who are now thriving amid challenges and excelling in work and life in general. 

As a former athlete, Shiv knows what it’s like to face obstacles. He has translated his years of game experience into real-life situations, helping people perform and increase their effectiveness in all aspects. As a coach, he helps people in various areas, including communication, clarity, strategy, purpose, leadership, fitness, career, finance, fulfilment, and many others. Of all areas that he is able to guide people through, one might wonder how he’s able to cover such a broad scope. It’s because Shiv Thakor has discovered a roadmap that helps anyone create more clarity, consistency, and creativity no matter what part of their life needs it most. 

Shiv’s coaching methods mainly aim to mold and challenge his clients’ mindsets. His teachings and programs help provide better strategy and execution for an individual’s personal or professional gain. The coach brings a directness and unapologetic honesty, which has helped get more significant results. Shiv Thakor is also solution-focused and results-oriented in his approach, seeking to help his clients unleash their most significant potential and achieve what once seemed impossible to them in the past. 

The coach takes no shortcuts when working with someone, usually taking a minimum of ninety days to get clear and consistent results that help maneuver someone for the long haul. His clients have often viewed Thakor’s approach as transformational while not feeling manipulative. Clients have access to the performance coach at any time, building strong working relationships that turn into long-term collaborations that last many years. Shiv has worked with multiple professional sports teams and 7-figure companies worldwide, helping level up their organizations with his proven tactics for team and individual growth. “I work to enhance and maximize performance, get results, and most importantly, get the win—whatever winning looks like for that individual,” explains Thakor. “I also want people to be an all-around success, not public successes but private failures.”

Shiv Thakor’s training and teachings stem from a solid foundation of scientifically proven tactics that stem from psychometric and axiological profiling studies. He uses his in-depth understanding of how human motivation works to increase people’s performance. He often approaches goals aggressively, which often always results in a more robust goal-chasing culture in the teams and organizations that he works with. Shiv brings a level of competitiveness that results in high motivation and morale no matter what situations and challenges companies and their personnel might face. Shiv also brings the same results to those high-level leaders, CEOs, and athletes he works with individually.Shiv is a certified consultant and expert in Psychometric & Axiological profiling which allows him to make the intangible, tangible by measuring behavioural tendencies, individual drivers and decision-making styles as well as capturing 77 talent attributes in his coaching and uses these tools extensively when systematically working through his clients’ goals. The performance coach and consultant hopes to become one of the world’s leading coaches for productivity and professional enhancement in the foreseeable future. To learn more about what Shiv Thakor does and how he can help you, check out his website and LinkedIn profile.

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