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Sierra Coleman Ministries Opens Its Doors to the Hurt, Broken, and Lost People of This Generation

Finding the light in the midst of a dark season is quite a difficult act for many who feel like there is nothing good that can come out of their bad experience. At a time when indifference is fast becoming new cancer in society today, it is difficult to find hope where there seems to be none. The Sierra Coleman Ministries intends to be the light that hurting people seek by offering hope, helping the broken encounter blessings, and guiding the lost to experience love. 

Founded by Sierra Coleman, the ministry is inspired by the attributes of Jesus Christ and his unconditional love, self-sacrifice, and compassion for all who are hurting and struggling in life. Coleman established the ministry to also share the Gospel of Christ to others and help them experience inner healing, grace, forgiveness, and redemption, no matter how dark their past may have been. Coleman offers restoration as she leads people toward a better understanding of their true identity in Christ. 

“Sierra Coleman Ministries has a different approach to life and ministry. We don’t look at where a person comes from or where they currently are but rather where they are going. We believe in meeting people where they are and helping them to become the best they can be. We are a young generation that connects with people to sharpen their faith and build a hope that lasts,” Coleman explains. 

Reaching out to people who have suicidal tendencies is of utmost importance to the Sierra Coleman Ministries. Understanding how precious life is in the eyes of God, the ministry wants to help people find a new meaning and, in the process, also discover their life purpose. Additionally, guiding people to overcome depression and anxiety is something that Coleman wants to focus on to bring down and hopefully eradicate the rising cases of suicide in the country today. 

Coleman believes that sharing the love of Christ is the answer to the pains and hopelessness that people carry within them. By letting them see how vast God’s love is, Coleman hopes to bring light into the darkness they are experiencing. In doing this, she hopes to be instrumental in liberating them from the bondage of their trauma, hurts, and feelings of worthlessness. As Christ came to the world to set the captives free, the Sierra Coleman Ministries intends to continue the work that began more than 2,000 years ago. 

Coleman’s dark history allows her to connect and relate easily with the people she hopes to reach out to. From being a former drug addict who went in and out of rehab to ending up in jail, being in gangs, being in dysfunctional relationships, and being a regular patient in mental institutions, she has experienced it all. Amid all of those years when she wasted her youth and put herself in danger, she was groping to find God. She did not know how and where to begin. Fortunately, someone took heart to reach out to Coleman and introduce her to Christ. That was the beginning of her newfound life with Jesus as her savior. Just as someone invested time to make a difference in her life, she also wants to commit herself to be the bringer of hope to those who need it most. 

The Sierra Coleman Ministries is Coleman’s way of making sense of her difficult past. She believes she survived several suicide attempts because God still has an immense plan for her. As she continues to live purposefully and help people draw closer to God, Coleman hopes to see more people overcome their fears and hurts. As they experience more of God, she hopes that they, too, will find their purpose just as she did. 

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