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Sig Official Bursts Onto the Scene with the Sounds of Haiti

Sigourney Sterling, known professionally as Sig Official, is a Los Angeles-based independent artist born in Port au Prince, Haiti. The early years of her life were spent on the East Coast before she relocated to Los Angeles. Her journey into music began while attending college at the Arts Institute, where she started producing music for local artists. In time, Sig discovered that she had an aptitude for singing and spent significant time fine-tuning her talents. She then moved to the west coast and began recording Afrocentric sounds.

Sig Official’s musical style draws influences from Haitian Kompa, Zouk, and the Afrobeat culture. She authors an engaging and unconventional sound, successfully mixing distinct genres of music while highlighting the different sounds in hip-hop culture. She has lit an electric trail with her Kompa and afro beats mix across many shows. Sig brilliantly innovated a safe space to give voice to the sounds of her culture and at the same time create a blend of euphoric melodies that people from various cultures can identify with. Recently, she released her self-produced single “Kreyol,” which garnered a lot of attention and accolades in the local community and back home in Haiti.

A lot of mainstream music falls within the same broad category: rap and hip-hop. Sig Official opted to go a different path, diversifying her music to touch base with various cultures, particularly those that are overlooked or underrepresented. Not everyone gets the recognition they deserve or a platform to speak about the experiences they face. Many people, including people from Sig’s birth country of Haiti, go through a lot of hardships, with their stories untelevised. Sig aims to give such people a sense of identity through her music.

Sig Official is a unique artist and seeks to introduce the world to the spirited sounds of a people and to the vibrations of a nation—to showcase a part of the rich culture of the little country called Haiti. The soul base of Kompa, Afrobeat, and similar beats are astonishingly underrepresented on social platforms and mainstream media, and Sig Official plans to change that narrative. Working hard to build a foundation together with her team, Sig aspires to reach a worldwide audience. Her music is currently available to listeners on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other streaming platforms globally.

In the next couple of years, Sig Official dreams of being the reference point for a diversified taste of music among social circles. She hopes to break through the music industry and accomplish the establishment of a new tribe of music lovers who understand her and the truth in her music. “The LBGTQ+ community is very important to me; being from a third world country where who I am is frowned upon…My music breaks the social norm, and I am hoping my brand will resonate in people’s homes as well as their hearts.”

She also hopes to inspire others to face their fears and try new things, and to understand that it is okay to be different. Additionally, she wants people back home to know that they are heard and to show that her level of success is not restricted from them.

Her latest EP “KREYOL SZNING,” which showcases her Afro-Kreyol vibes, will be released on March 5, 2021. With 5 brand new singles expected, 2021 promises to be remarkable for Sig Official.

To learn more about Sig Official and her current projects, visit her Instagram page.

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