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Growth for the Solar Industry Looms as Clean Power Industries, LLC Acquires Clean Tech Startup Simple Solar

There are a few key players in the Solar industry as venerable as the clean tech startup, Simple Solar. In a recent ranking by Inc. Magazine, Simple Solar was ranked as the 44th fastest-growing private company nationwide. With such high praise and a distinguished reputation, Clean Power Industries, LLC sought to acquire Simple Solar to mark yet another evolution in the ever-growing Solar industry. This move is among the first in a series of Clean Power Industries’ acquisitions that will ultimately change how the world interacts with renewable energy and clean tech. 

With the deal finalized and the acquisition set in stone, Ted O’Shea now acts as the new Chief Executive Officer of Simple Solar. O’Shea is an experienced entrepreneur with a breadth of expertise in founding and operating multiple clean tech energy services that have successfully delivered solar, storage, and energy-efficient solutions at scale. 

Renowned entrepreneur Jesse Gee guides & advises the company while Moe Falah steps into a new Chief Revenue Officer role allowing him to focus on continuing to build the highest caliber of salespeople, recruiting the right partners to grow the organization, inspiring vision, and creating new opportunities. 

The acquisition was executed under a broader strategy by Clean Power Industries to align Solar Dealers with Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Partners (EPCs) within a unified platform. After noticing the massive gaps in the current solar industry, leadership from both Clean Power Industries and Simple Solar made a deal to work hand-in-hand to eradicate the pressing issues that Solar currently faces.

“The Sales Dealer and EPC model that has become prevalent in residential solar have a number of inherent problems for both businesses and, most importantly, the customer,” explained Gee. “Our strategy aims to solve these problems and ultimately drive a superior customer experience and lower overall costs.” 

From costs, gross inefficiencies, and installation woes, the burgeoning Solar industry is not without fault. Since the industry’s establishment, many solar sales professionals, dealers, installers, and customers have had firsthand experiences with these problems throughout the entire process. Clean Power Industries intends to eradicate these prevalent issues and elevate the Solar industry as a whole.

“This is the first step in a larger plan to unite sales organizations with a customer-focused installation operation across major solar markets in the United States to form a world-class, holistic home energy solution company,” explained O’Shea. 

Before the acquisition, Simple Solar was a sales-only platform that aimed to provide exceptional direct-to-consumer services. Clean Power Industries hopes to transition the brand into a vertically-integrated company that puts a massive focus on delivering a robust and clean experience driven by technology, data, centricity, and process for the internal members of Simple Solar. 

Simple Solar aims to create an incredible journey for families as they go from sale to installation to permission to operate and beyond. Nowadays, with misinformation running amok, Simple Solar vows to put transparency at the forefront. The company plans to eliminate hidden fees from the Solar industry by taking control of the entire end-to-end process and cutting out any middlemen. 

For years, Solar customers have been subjected to layers of additional costs, but with Simple Solar’s robust data-tracking capabilities, all of those issues are now a thing of the past. “Creating an incredible customer experience has been the major focus of Simple Solar since its origination. In many instances, we’ve found that EPCs don’t have the same level of care that we do, ultimately hurting all parties involved,” shared Falah. 

“By taking control of the entire process, we can add the Simple Solar standard of excellence to every single project. This creates longevity not only for the company but for the careers of all Simple Solar employees.” Clean Power Industries and Simple Solar are inevitably setting a gold standard in the Solar industry. The future is indeed looking bright for Solar, and the Clean Power Industries acquisition is only the beginning. 

Make sure to visit the company’s website at Simple Solar LLC to learn more.

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