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Singer-Songwriter J.Fla accomplished in America! The New pre-single, “Bedroom Singer” Conquers US Charts

Singer-songwriter J.Fla hits the US music market such as Amazon Music, iTunes, and Shazam with her new song “Bedroom Singer.” “Bedroom Singer” is a song that depicts the emotions that an artist named J.Fla has felt while singing in her bedroom alone for ten years. As an alternative genre, similar to the recently popular “abcdefu,” “Bedroom Singer” has been successful in the music industry’s top charts and is obtaining various results.

J.Fla’s pre-single “Bedroom Singer,” released on October 7, topped the four charts of Amazon Music’s “Best Seller Song Top 100,” “Best Seller Alternative Rock Top 100,” “Hot New Release Song Top 100,” and “Hot New Release Alternative Rock Top 100,” as 1st and also achieved 3rd on the “Movers and Shakers” chart, demonstrating its potential on the American music charts.

In addition, the song, in the iTunes chart, ranked 13th in the overall genres and 1st in the alternative genre. In the US Shazam charts, Atlanta ranked 2nd, Chicago 3rd, Nashville 3rd, and entered high in the charts of 12 cities. It ranked 111th overall on the US chart, reifying its global headline and popularity.

To hear her thoughts, I proceeded with a quick email questionnaire.

  1. You are dominating iTunes, Shazam, and Amazon’s charts. What do you think is the attraction Americans feel to an artist named J.Fla?

    The song released this time is autobiographical. However, I am not good at telling my story. The lyrics of Bedroom Singer are my honest feelings from the past ten years of singing on my Youtube channel, and through this song, I got to know myself better. I want to say that if you listen to my full-length album, which will be released early next year, you will probably be able to understand more of my stories and feel its charms. Also, I believe that singing in English rather than Korean has helped Americans understand me better.
  1. I heard this song is an ‘autobiographical’ song. What did you mainly think about when writing the song?

    Yes, since it is an autobiographical story, I had to recall many difficult memories from the past, but I did not want to sing these stories as if they were a diary. I hoped my small story would become a big imagination and a drama that could be heard in one’s ear. Although it was a difficult challenge, I wrote the lyrics, put a melody on it, and made a mood with an arrangement, making all the songs in the album in a progressive manner and believing that ‘music can also be drawn and shown in your head.’
  1. There are many Americans who are exhausted these days by various issues. What would you like them to get from this song? (as an artist)

    I was happy at the thought of making my first full-length album, but there were also many difficult times during the preparation process. During the time I had temporary hearing loss while working on a song, my body and mind were not healthy, almost unable to breathe properly; it was as if I could not feel the presence of air at that moment, making me suffer from great anxiety. Although my song may be a few minutes in their weary lives, I was passionate about giving them hope, joy, empathy, and healing. If these were fully delivered to them, I would be able to feel joy and healing that cannot be expressed in words.

Meanwhile, J.Fla announced the progress of collaboration content with GRAMMYs as the first in East Asia. She also announced that she plans to release a full-length album early next year, indicating that she will capture the hearts of global fans with various future activities.

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