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Social Video Takes Over: The Growing Popularity of Short-Format Content

The entertainment trends that are shaping 2023

The world of entertainment moves incredibly fast. So, what does 2023 have in store for us? Already in the early months of the year, we have seen some new trends and exciting developments, smash hit shows and news stories that have got everyone talking. What will likely be the trends that shape the rest of the year and that 2023 will be remembered for?

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AI content

AI content has exploded already in 2023. We’re not just talking about the examples you’ve seen on social media of AI being used to write stories or even pass school assignments. AI content extends to other aspects of culture, and we have seen some exciting parodies and especially commentary about the AI systems launched this year.

For example, a recent episode of South Park poked fun at ChatGPT. In the episode, Stan, one of the lead characters, gets ChatGPT to respond to his girlfriend’s messages when he can no longer be bothered.

ChatGPT is already on its fourth release. Expect the AI revolution to continue to be the source of humor and dominate many news stories in 2023.

Direct support for creators

We live in an age where there no longer has to be somebody in the middle moderating the content. If you follow somebody on YouTube, they can create a video, and you can watch it within minutes.

Many “middleman” industries, such as record labels, have changed in recent years, too. So if you like a musician, there are more ways to support them than buying records. This has led to a massive rise in sites like Patreon, where people can keep their favorite podcasters, musicians, or content creators.

Often, people subscribe to their favorite creators on a platform like Patreon in return for specifically added extras. For example, a podcaster may have special episodes that only get released via their Patreon channel, meaning that those who subscribe have exclusive access.

People are willing to support their favorite creators, and this is likely to continue to grow and become the norm. It inspires them to keep making content and can provide people with an instant way to connect with the creators they love.

Short social videos

This is another trend that has continued to grow in recent years. We have seen the shift from video sites like YouTube to their “Shorts” platform, and even places such as Instagram, which used to be for photos only, now have a huge amount of video content in short format.

People browsing their feeds see more video content than ever, and you shouldn’t expect this to change. However, the age of social video is well and truly upon us.

The continued growth of podcasts

It has been “the year of the podcast” for about five years. Still, it is true that podcasts are continuing to grow massively in popularity and are becoming mainstream media outlets.

This is one of how creators can offer a fundamental direct-to-customer approach. As a result, they can reach their fans with few obstacles and release content quickly, which certain generations have come to expect in the modern age.

Post-apocalyptic content

The Last of Us was a smash hit success and has already been given the green light for another season. It has left many people watching older, post-apocalyptic-style content and movies, many featuring the fallout from pandemics or other world-ending events.

This thirst for post-apocalyptic content could see people turn to some of the sci-fi releases that are coming this year, including Tomorrow Before After and the ambitious South Korean release on Netflix, Jung E.

We may also see a growth in game adaptations and more companies putting money into this off the back of 2023’s The Last of Us adaptation, with the Super Mario Bros. Movie to come later in the year.

The entertainment industry often has trends like this, where a particular type of content becomes very popular. Therefore, we expect The Last of Us to impact the industry significantly.

Summary – 2023’s entertainment trends

Of course, we never know what is around the corner, and tomorrow we could get a new viral video that shapes the rest of the year. With the internet being so widely accessible in the modern age, ideas can travel like wildfire, and some of the trends will likely come from nowhere, but those that have made this list are already showing the direction we’re heading in this year.

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