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SocialEyes Communications Inc. Expanding in to the United States of America

In 2015, SocialEyes Communications opened its doors in Toronto, Canada. Marly Broudie, Founder and CEO, left her 9 to 5 job at a Toronto Litigation firm and launched SocialEyes as a social media marketing company to assist professionals in utilizing the power of social media for business growth.

Over the last few years, SocialEyes has expanded its service offerings and operates as a full-service digital marketing agency. “We are a one stop shop. We have a dedicated, talented and brilliant team of sophisticated marketers… everything from web designers, Google specialists, social ad specialists, SEO specialists to graphic designers, email marketers and brand strategists, and we are results focused.”

Along with their booming Canadian business, SocialEyes Communications now has a roster of clients and talent in 16 states across the United States of America. David Broudie, Chief Sales Officer expresses “…expanding into the States has been a business objective for the last couple years. We know that we have something unique, and we also know that what we mastered for our Canadian clients is relevant to any business owner anywhere in North America…”

SocialEyes provides a customized and measurable approach to assist clients achieve their business objectives, and “our value add is the boutique experience that our clients get to experience. We are not and do not offer cookie cutter solutions. We really get to know the businesses that we work with, and we customize our strategies to ensure that what we are setting out to accomplish is in line with the goals that the business is trying to achieve”, says Marly Broudie. It is crucial for us to have our clients see return on investment and quantify their marketing budgets.

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