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Soul – Providing the Best Tasting Relief on the Market

Many times, the best products are products capable of selling themselves after proving their effectiveness and usefulness. Angie and Mike Lee founded Soul after their personal experiences with CBD and how it changed their lives. 

Angie was experiencing debilitating anxiety due to her career as a marketing mentor, keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur and professional podcaster, while Mike was suffering from a great deal of pain due to autoimmune disease and his years of boxing professionally. It took the discovery of CBD and other beneficial supplements for them to know that they had inadvertently found a calling to help heal the world.

So, with the establishment of Soul, they began their mission to share the benefits of CBD with the world. And since 2018, the company has championed many innovative and effective products that have impacted thousands of people, provided them with relief and given them better lives. Soul’s dedication to providing relief and a better life with CBD is second to none, and Angie and Mike are proud of the journey this far.

Products from Soul are known for their quality, efficacy and flavor. These products have been tested and trusted to work, and in Mike’s words, “We know our products will work for you because they worked for us.” The company provides patients with a variety of doctor-formulated products for specific ailments. Despite the efficacy of its products, Soul has also ensured that its CBD products taste great and are infused with the best, all natural, flavors, making its products the best-tasting CBD products in the market. “We have gone through years of R&D to get our products to taste as good as they do today. We are constantly evolving with our flavors and offer seasonal flavor releases to provide our customers with some fresh-tasting relief,” Angie said.


Products from Soul do not contain artificial ingredients or fillers, and they all undergo triple checks that include going to third-party labs for full panel testing for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, harmful bacteria, and mold. The goal is to put out great products that people can use with no side effects and achieve a clean wellness experience. Soul’s product range includes products for anxiety, focus, immunity, inflammation, mood, pets, PMS and sleep. The company’s typical customer suffers from anxiety, sleep issues, pain, or all of the above.

While Soul continues to strive to provide people with all natural relief, its ultimate goal is to continue to offer cutting-edge formulations to help people deal with different ailments and pain. Mike and Angie also hope to grow into thought leaders in the wellness and supplements industry to offer education about supplements, routines and lifestyle changes people can use to improve how they feel.

Soul as a brand is not just another company producing cookie-cutter health solutions. The brand is intentional about its products as it puts in a lot of effort to ensure they work and are easy to use for the end consumers.

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