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Star vs Star? YouTube Star-Turned-Celebrity Boxer Viktor Drago Challenges Logan Paul to Boxing Fight

Viktor Drago is taking time out from the celebrity life in LA, where he frequently appears on TMZ, TMZ SPORT,, and Hollywood Pipeline, to challenge another star to get into the boxing ring with him, even offering Logan Paul a considerable amount of money for the fight.

The two have a fascinating history, brought together in a few moments a few years ago that was caught on video and have since been seen around the world. Drago first became famous for his celebrity prank videos. More than five million followers have watched his videos pranking people like Jack Nicholson, Justin Bieber, Dolph Lundren – and Logan Paul. 

US Reporter caught up with Viktor recently and had the opportunity to ask him about that previous encounter, his opinions on Logan Paul, and the new boxing ring challenge. 

He says the fight the two had before “wasn’t a boxing match at that moment. I shoot celebrity pranks videos for my youtube channel – and this was one of those videos – where I showed up at Logan Paul’s House and offered him a fight as a prank. I thought he would refuse to fight, and it would be just a prank video.” But Logan agreed to the fight. Drago said, “In my opinion, if you do anything in your life, you should be ready to go forward no matter what, so that’s what I did, and we had this prank fight.” It turned out to be the beginning of what is becoming quite an illustrious boxing career. 

In his most recent fight against @chinnotv, he landed four knockdowns and a knockout. With his recent boxing successes, some are surprised that he only started getting serious about the sport three years ago. Additionally, because of COVID, he has only had the opportunity to work with a coach for a year, the first two years without a coach, and sometimes even without access to a gym. “It was a lot of struggle in my training,” he says, “but the more struggle you overcome, the stronger you are.” 

He shows the strength of character and physical strength when he talks about the things he does not necessarily like about the boxing scene. “I think a lot of people talk about a lot of stuff that never happened. All this trash talk for me is like kids playing in the sandbox.”

For his part, Viktor says he does not play that game. When asked how he feels about Logan Paul, who he challenged twice to a boxing match, Viktor says, “I have a lot of respect for Logan Paul. The guy goes from nothing to what he has right now. That man only earns great respect in my eyes. He has gone this long, long way, and not everything is smooth, but he never gives up and moves forward again and again. Big respect.”

Some were surprised that Viktor has such respect for Logan Paul and asked why he still wants to fight him. “I don’t wanna fight him. I wanna box him. It’s way different. I want to have an official boxing match with him. I believe it will be a classic boxing fight, which will be pleasing to watch for our audience,” explains Drago. “I do not respect him because he does something, I respect him because it’s my personal choice, it’s my personal opinion. Doesn’t matter what anybody talks about me, I always have my opinion, and it’s always will be like this,” he added. 

We asked Drago what he thinks will happen this time if he finally gets the opportunity to fight Logan Paul in an actual boxing ring.  

“I think he is not gonna stay 4-5 rounds with me. Also if it’s will be pro fight we will have 10 oz gloves. I have the most powerful punches in cruiserweight in boxing, so with 10oz gloves it even can finish faster, but in general 4-5 rounds maximum, it will be knockout, or they will stop the fight.”

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