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Stellar Moto Brand is Made in the USA, Where Fashion Meets Safety

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The motorcycle industry keeps track of who owns and rides motorcycles to anticipate demand for the products it makes and sells. Surveys show a steady climb over the past decade in the number of women who own motorcycles. One in five motorcycle owners in the United States are women, double what had been only twenty years earlier. Surveys also show female ridership is even higher among Gen X and Gen Y women. Motorcycle ownership among women continues to grow, with younger generations stepping in as older riders leave the sport. The American Dream of launching your own business is to take your dream from a business idea and make it a reality. In the frantic fashion world, it takes a specific set of skills, a generous dose of creativity, and a pinch of business savvy. Stellar Moto Brand is a brand made in the USA that was launched to fill the gap for Motorcycle safety gear for women. We had The opportunity to speak with the Founder during women’s history month about how she markets the brand to promote to consumers.

Tell us about your brand and how it is unique: 

The Stellar Motor brand came out of necessity. There needed to be more women’s motorcycle gear. Motorcycle gear was usually for men in men’s sizes. The men’s styles were altered for women by cinching at the waist and decorating pink or purple embroidery ideas. They lacked motorcycle safety when there were options such as proper cowhide instead of lamb and sheep leather. What makes Stellar Moto Brand unique is my single-layer abrasion protective fabric instead of regular denim with protective lining (Aramid). Aramid is thick and cumbersome, but if you were to take a slide, the top fabric would burst, leaving the bottom layer to only protect you. I use a single-layer abrasion-resistant stretch fabric, which is 15 times stronger than steel and is used to tether satellites from space, pick up shipwrecks, and be used in bulletproof ballistics vests. It is 40% lighter than the Aramid, wicks away sweat and floats on water. Not only did I want to fit a women’s motorcycle vibe and proportions, but I also included men, with safety always in mind. Stellar Moto Brand is completely inclusive to all body types at all stages. My pieces create harmony in both the masculinity and femininity world to coexist. It is an androgynous style that morphs into you and your riding style.

What is a pop-up shop? 

It is a carnival, a floating shop! It is my mobile boutique to showcase and sell all the goods. Pop-up shows expose and connect me to different places and people in different moto communities across America. 

How does a pop-up shop work? 

You ask a bunch of friends for favors ha! Mostly through an easy tent set up with shelving, racks and everything you would need in a boutique but mobile. Easy assembly and disassembly is a must. It starts from the headquarters. I load up my trailer, travel to a different state, set up, assemble and disable- sometimes all in one day. It takes true grit with a lot of muscles!

Does a pop shop work? 

It works because it is a form of advertisement for different subcultures and regions other motorcycle events offer. It reaches many people I would not be able to reach otherwise. It is a great way to display past, current and future stellar products.

What does it mean to have your brand manufactured in the USA? 

First of all, I am honored and happy to be able to manufacture in Los Angeles, where I was born and raised. The manufacturing industry is Los Angeles, and giving back to the community where I grew up is an honor. We utilize the artisans and craft people that Los Angeles has to offer with integrity. I can manufacture ethically with fair wages and have the opportunity to go beyond and have friendships and personal relationships with everyone that works on my brand. It also means that I have direct access to problem-solving and can switch gears at any time during the development and manufacturing process with ease. 

Your brand promotes adventure and fun activities, which is a brilliant idea for marketing purposes. Tell us a few ideas that were very successful for sales. 

Meet-ups and group rides! Fundraisers are great; they help the community while supporting a cause close to our hearts.

Logos, promos, and social media marketing is important for identifying a brand; how do you create your identity with digital marketing? 

Authentically, I do it all based on the moto community. I show up, create and participate in moto events. I am living, and breathing the brand. 

What tips would you give to market a brand in fashion? 

Be authentically yourself. It is all old-school marketing, by showing up and being part of the community and giving the moto community an outlet through my events. 

What have you learned from past mistakes? 

To follow my instincts. I openly share my creative ideas publicly, no more! I learned to tune out unnecessary advice. Follow-up is key with manufacturers. I have learned to over-communicate even if it sounds redundant, and ask more questions.  

When is the next pop-up and adventure? 

Motorcycle shows coming up: Bisbee Prowl Show, Front Row Moto Show, The One Moto Show. Then off to Dream Roll campout! My next adventure? My campout in October at Bisbee, Arizona: Sellar Motor Camp.

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