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A Passion for Teaching and Helping Those Academically Struggling Motivates Educator Mosunmola Michael to Launch Excel Mind

The role that teachers take up as the supposed “second parent” of each student is no laughing matter. A tale told all too often is that of teachers making or breaking a class depending on how they treat their students and how they teach their lessons. For Mosunmola Michael, these sentiments are especially crucial because teaching is not just a profession for her, but a passion. 

Graduating from the Tai Solarin University of Education, Mosunmola has spent her early years as a mentor by helping students prepare for local and international examinations. A thousand struggling souls assisted later, her desire to provide educational aid on a larger scale manifested in the form of Excel Mind

Although she has always gone above and beyond what is expected because of her love for teaching, Mosunmola has surpassed even herself when she established and created the tutoring and test preparation service company. Excel Mind’s main goal of keeping students stay on track toward their ultimate goal of academic success often comes into fruition because of their three-pronged offer of offline practice, progress tracking, and student-friendly fees. With a past-question archive that documents well over 80 exam questions that students can practice on without having to be online, Excel Mind helps set the expectation students have for their upcoming exams. Additionally, their easy-to-navigate system allows those studying to check how far they still have to go with just one glance. With these services being available at such affordable rates, Excel Mind makes sure that the student’s learning journey is sustainable and is one they can follow through towards the very end.

Thoughtfully tiered approach aside, the most impressive thing about Excel Mind is probably its real-time entrance exam simulator. Made available on a convenient web platform, the simulator allows students to experience what it is like to take a university entrance exam so that they can build up their confidence in test-taking. As a supplement to this study tool, Excel Mind ensures that their study plans are all customized to address a student’s needs. Because as Mosunmola believes, each person’s challenge when it comes to learning is different.

Excel Mind only makes use of reliable science in all aspects of their tutoring process in order to guarantee only the best results for those they tutor. Their simulator runs on advanced technology and their progress-tracking system utilizes data and analytics that helps them to craft tailor-fitted study plans. On top of that, Excel Mind is home to more than a handful of passionate and experienced educators, just like Mosunmola, who aim to guide their students into the zenith of their academic accomplishments. When all combined together, Excel Mind becomes a powerful studying platform for learning that is unlike any other.

This carefully crafted company is the fruit of Mosunmola’s labor and love for teaching. Excel Mind is a visual representation of her dedication to her students. All the hard work and effort put into the platform is rooted in Mosunmola’s core belief that students deserve to experience success no matter how unique their challenges may be. That is also why students looking for a trustworthy platform for learning will never find Excel Mind falling short. Because it was built up using foundations of passion and a strong conviction that students, no matter their learning difficulties, all deserve a fair chance at reaching success.

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