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Student-Targeted Money-Making Opportunities

Let’s face it, being a student is not only time-consuming and energy-sucking, but it is also expensive! Between soul-crushing university tuition, books that cost as much as a black-market organ, and the fact that you still have to, you know, pay for life things as you spend 40+ hours per week in classes or studying, the sheer pressure of trying to stay on top of expenses as a student these days can be a heavy burden to bear. It’s a losing battle, but there is hope out there!

But really though, how does one tackle the increasing costs associated with being a student while simultaneously carrying a full course load, and maybe even a part-time job or two to make ends meet? The simple answer is, you have to use the tools you already have and find a way to monetize what you are already doing! Work smarter, not harder, as they say. And thankfully, the internet already has the tools you’ll need to do that!

So, without further ado, here are three convenient ways to make money online as a student, that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Share your old/used resources! 

Let’s start this off with one of the easiest, smartest ways for you to profit off of being a student – Share your old resources! In any semester students generate hundreds of pages worth of notes, assignments, study guides, practice quizzes, etc! All of these documents are valuable, and all you have to do is upload them! Websites like are taking this passive income stream to new heights – their Notebank is filled with academic resources uploaded from all over the world and in all subject areas you can think of! The highest earners can earn up to 10 dollars per document sold, or over $5,000 a month! So, how does it work? Simple.

●      Scan or create a digital document of your study materials (again, these can be study guides, notes, anything!)

●      Upload them to the Notebank, and name your price!

●      Sit back, relax, and let the millions of Studypool users from around the world pay you for your hard work!

  1. Sell Books Online

 Using the same “Sell what you already have and don’t use energy” from the last suggestion, another way to supplement your income is by selling books! In any given semester, students need to buy anywhere from 3-10 books, usually textbooks, for their new coursework, and there are never enough books to meet the demand for buying used! Most university buy-back programs pay way less than what the book is worth, so check out! They compare rates over 30 third-party sites to give you the best offer for your textbook. You then ship the book to them, and collect your payment. It’s as simple as that! 

  1. Freelance on Upwork or Fiverr

 Do you have a niche talent, like programming or graphic design? Can you create gorgeous illustrations, or do you have a knack for writing stories? Are you fluent in another language to the point that translation is second nature to you? Take up a freelance gig! Sites like and are literally built for you to sell your skills. They accept freelancers in a wide variety of different genres: the normal ones, like graphic design, and then even some more obscure talents, like being an online friend! Yes, you read that right – there are people out there who will literally pay you to chat with them. Super flexible work, marketing skills you already have, and setting your own rates? What could be better?

  1. Tutor Online

 As a student, you need a flexible schedule that can change every quarter or semester, you need the freedom to decide if and when you are able to work, and you ideally need a job that doesn’t completely exhaust you to to the point where you can’t even focus on your studies, right? And very few part-time, in-person jobs allow for the flexibility a student needs to prioritize their studies. Again, the solution is already at your fingertips (literally, on your keyboard)!  There are a wide variety of different sites that provide different types of tutoring in hundreds of different subjects! Here are three examples of different types of tutoring sites – but honestly, the opportunities are endless! A simple google search can help you find the company that is right for you. 

  1. For the “traditional” tutoring setup – a client asks for help on an assignment or in a specific subject, you negotiate the price, and you provide the necessary assistance – try signing up with! You can set your rates, open sessions for the subjects you are an expert in, and the platform helps to connect tutors to students seeking help in the available subjects. You set your rates, so the money you can make is based on your availability and the demand for your subjects!
  2. ESL tutoring – work with any age group, children to adults, to help those studying the English language! Platforms like allow you to open slots to casually help students improve their English skills. The rate is set, and you can interact with students all over the world for a unique cultural and language exchange, while making money!

Basically, the golden rule of making money as a student is to value your time, schedule, and mental health enough to look for income streams that provide a solid income in a flexible or even passive way. By doing this, you can eliminate everyday financial stressors, and give yourself the comfort of financial security while keeping your studies as your priority. Check out these income streams to see if they can work for you! And remember – for each of these options, the more effort you invest, the more money you can make!

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