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Studio Hush 4:14 Offers Professional Image Consulting Services for Personal and Corporate Brands in South Carolina

Studio Hush 4:14 is an image consulting firm that helps individuals and corporations successfully portray a desired image. Led by Owner and Operator Tuera Jacobs, the team is made up of image consultants, artists, and digital media specialists who offer advice and direction on hair, clothing, makeup, social media content and monetization, accessories, and overall style.

Jacobs is a licensed cosmetologist with nearly 20 years of experience, the beauty coordinator of Columbia Fashion Week, and the creative director of Christina Michelle J Branding agency. She is committed to helping people and businesses create and polish their public image for events, interviews, and photo and video shoots, aiming to make clients look more appealing to the public and helping them excel in their respective expertise.

Among the unique aspects of Studio Hush 4:14 are the team’s mobility and ability to serve clients who cannot be in high-traffic environments or who want to reduce the risk of transmission of illness. The team is also committed to staying up-to-date on the latest styles and techniques and is a source of information and education for the community on all things related to beauty.

In a time when the beauty industry is experiencing market pain due to the pandemic and media is oversaturated with images of beauty and style that may not work for everyone, Studio Hush 4:14 is able to provide personalized and expert advice to a wide range of demographics, ethnicities, ages, and genders. The firm is particularly dedicated to helping clients in the Columbia, South Carolina region, where there are currently no other image consulting firms.

“We offer a list of services for clients to choose from depending on their specific needs and are able to adapt no matter the circumstances,” the brand shared. “We are successful because our passion is rooted in love, and we all understand the magnitude of wealth that will be generated for generations to come.”

Jacobs believes that her true gift is seeing the gifts in others, whether it be their beauty, intellect, or creativity. “We aim to create an invigorating experience, which not only frees the mind and body but also fuels the soul while obtaining the maximum level of self-care. We are passionate about helping others discover, develop, discern, and decree the unique beauty we each possess,” Jacobs said. With Studio Hush 4:14, Jacobs creates an entity where generational wealth can be accumulated, familial gifts can be fostered and nurtured, and clients receive the highest level of customer service.

In a few years’ time, Jacobs aims to catapult Studio Hush 4:14 to the peak of the industry, serving as a “platform where creatives collaborate, market, and develop their personal brands in a safe environment conducive to self and brand development.”

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