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StyleNations Founder Daniella Menachemson Receives Award Winning Nomination for Hospitality in 2022

Custom furniture maker Daniella Menachemson, the president of StyleNations, recently received a Gold Stevie Award nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year for hospitality and leisure. The prestigious award has been recognizing the exceptional achievements of businesses, organizations, and individuals from over 60 nations since 2002. 

Daniella is widely known for her unique area of expertise when it comes to design. She is considered an industry expert in environmental design and development of hospitality and leisure venue furniture, which highlights how custom furnishings can complement the specific designs and branding of any given space. 

She began her career in furniture design and production in Australia, where she developed a deep understanding of the design and function of furniture to make hospitality venues extremely attractive, engaging, and successful. Throughout the course of her early career, she realized that there was a growing demand for custom furnishings as some designs were not readily available in the market. She eventually began to shift her focus to interior design and custom requirements. 

To say that Daniella is very passionate about design and bringing venues to life is a clear understatement as she lives and breathes her special calling in life. Over the past years, she has successfully developed her own signature designs and branding. Overall, her 17-year journey has given her the privilege of working closely with the leading hospitality venues around the world. Her clients often ask her to come up with furniture and design solutions that are both aesthetically attractive and sustainable. 

Years later, Daniella saw a growing demand in the US market and decided to expand StyleNations in America. In 2019, she established StyleNations in Dallas, Texas. Her decision to expand her business in the US was more than just a good call, as business owners cannot get enough of her remarkable design ideas. From simple bar stools to upholstered armchairs, woven furniture, and an exciting outdoor collection, Daniella has been steadily redefining interior design concepts that are influencing the next generation of designers. Her creations can be easily spotted in several hotels, including Mariott Hotels, Wework, Ritz Carlton and MGM, to mention a few. 

While the design business can also get very challenging and competitive most of the time, Daniella encourages aspiring interior designers to continue to pursue their dreams despite what others may say. “Collect beautiful moments, when someone says you can’t do it – do it twice and take pictures. Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of staying the same,”. 

Daniella Menachemson has built a solid professional relationship with all her clients over the years, and they trust her completely when it comes to giving their businesses the aesthetic boost they need. They like the fact that Daniella is a very versatile and dynamic person, qualities that her company also upholds when meeting the expectations of clients. And because she is extremely good at what she does for a living, there is no doubt that she will continue to influence the design industry in the coming years.

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