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Success Coach Dr. Chanita Foster Raise Awareness on Mental Health Issues Through Her Peace Purpose Paid Program

In today’s frantic world, caring for one’s mental health is deemed crucial. However, despite its importance, many tend to overlook the advantages of having stability and peace of mind, usually, because people nowadays are way too preoccupied with doing whatever it is that would elevate their statuses in life. Therefore, Dr. Chanita Foster, an established author and a professional success coach, launched her brand Peace Purpose Paid to bring greater awareness on the importance of caring for one’s mental health, all while achieving a state of financial success.

Dr. Chanita Foster was born in Detroit, Michigan. Eventually, the esteemed personality became an entrepreneur, a success coach, a keynote speaker, and a best-selling author, launching a book called Girl I’m Not Tripping, I’m Depressed.

Being a survivor of a suicide attempt due to her crippling depression, Dr. Chanita Foster is an advocate for Black Mental Health and wrote her book to shed some light on how depression can slowly but easily destroy even the strongest of foundations while also inspiring readers to find inner peace so that they too, can achieve the success they aspire to have.

Through Peace Purpose Paid, not only is Dr. Foster raising awareness of the dangers of neglected mental illnesses, but she is also unconditionally guiding people from different walks of life to master their peace and understand their purpose, all while reaching a level of financial prosperity.

Peace Purpose Paid has several programs to get individuals started, including a quick session that is heavily focused on clarifying the strategies and ideas discussed. The Discovery/Intro Session will also serve as an official introduction to establish what the client’s primary focus should be and how Dr. Foster can aid in the process. Going further into the course, individuals will have the option to choose from a single session, where they can select which P of Peace, Purpose, or Paid they would like to concentrate on or go straight for three sessions wherein the professional coach will be tackling all three. Last but not least is the Success Coaching program, made for those who have completed the Three Keys to Success coaching and would like to continue the mentorship program.

Considering how much of a role mental health plays in a person’s life, Dr. Foster’s Peace Purpose Paid program is a conducive platform that will allow other people to have a chance at overcoming the adverse effects of mental health issues.   

Adding to her long list of accomplishments, Dr. Foster is also an experienced Policy Advocate, Communications Specialist, and Social Sector Expert. Through her undeniable leadership skills, she was appointed as an Ambassador in South Africa by Chairman Neverl Kambasha to utilize her skills and help a diverse group of entrepreneurs in The Boardroom Experience program. This curriculum allows for them to develop entrepreneurs from five different African countries, led by Head Adjudicator Dr. Jasmine Pega, with Dr. Foster being the Deputy Adjudicator.

Despite the empire she’s built through her hard work and determination, Dr. Chanita Foster is showing no signs of slowing down as she continues to climb her way to the top and help countless people and communities along the way.

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