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Suga Cane Syrup Ent. Brings Together Six Atlanta-Based Contemporary Artists to Challenge History Through, The Aboriginal Museum

Art has become a strong entity in today’s world, and in different ways, it has become a tool for achieving a wide range of things—ranging from empowering artists to express their talents to giving people the window of opportunity to invest in something of value. To get this message across, Suga Cane Syrup Ent., a grassroots company based in East Point, GA., partnered with artist, Markeidric Walker, to bring to life, “The Aboriginal Museum,” an art exhibit and growing museum currently held at The Sinclair Gallery, inside of the ArtsXchange located at 2148 Newnan Street East Point, GA 30344. 

Suga Cane Syrup Ent. houses a collective of creatives from the Metro Atlanta community working together to educate the urban population and beyond on the importance of using art as a means of expression and teaching, as well as an investment measure. The Aboriginal Museum exhibit is slated to run from February 11, 2022, to March 7, 2022, with the opening reception starting at 7 pm. The artists from Suga Came Ent. who will be at the exhibit are Ugo Agoruah, Thom Bess, Montez Brenard, Williams Riggs Sabb, and Ron Smith, all selected by Co-Curators, Markeidric the Great and Ray Lewis.

The aim of Suga Cane Syrup is to create an enabling environment for artists. “We are working in an environment that does not generally allow for the artist to feel empowered and in charge. Our company offers residencies to these artists to help bridge the gap and also eliminate the pressure of having a proper workspace to create. We seek venues and platforms for the artist to have their work viewed by those outside their current communities,” Rayfield Lewis II said.

On February 19, 2022, Sinclair Gallery will hold an artist talk at 2pm where different topics regarding subjects of The Aboriginal Museum will be discussed. The six contemporary artists featured in The Aboriginal Museum will be reflecting on their cultural experiences as descendants of early Aboriginals.

These creator’s focus on the origin of Africa’s migration expansion, pushing past the narrative of slave ships and greedy overlords to extend this spotlight onto the Out of Africa Theory. Beyond the focus on history, “The Aboriginal Museum” will also shed light on how artists can make the most out of their gifts and break boundaries with their talent.

This blend of emerging and established artists use colors, patterns, textures, and mediums to suggest that the Out of Africa Theory does not fit present lineage into a one size fits all tale. The exhibit wants the audience to ask the question, “Could there be more… more that deserves to be questioned? And quite possibly, more that may have already happened?” 

“The Aboriginal Museum” has its doors opened in the Sinclair Gallery, inside of the Arts Exchange located, 2148 Newnan Street East Point, GA 30344. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6pm up until March 7, 2022. For additional information or appointments for personal gallery tours please contact Rayfield Lewis, 404.604.7154

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