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Sunkissed Kitchen Delivering Better Nutrition to Help Improve People’s Health

There are numerous ways to contribute to making the world a better place, and among those is focusing on health in unorthodox ways, starting with what people ingest and consume. Sunkissed Kitchen is a resource center for anyone looking to improve their health through nutrition. Established by Michelle Miller, Sunkissed Kitchen provides family-friendly recipes that are gluten-free, low in sugar, made from fresh produce and use healthy swaps.

Sunkissed Kitchen targets women between 25 and 60 who care about their nutrition and meals and are willing to influence their families to take their nutrition seriously the same way. Michelle Miller’s goal is to push people to start working towards better health through nutrition, and everything she has implemented at Sunkissed Kitchen is geared toward achieving that goal. The mother of one was inspired to build Sunkissed Kitchen out of the desire to take control of her life. Having spent a chunk of her childhood overweight, she knew that was not something she wanted to deal with as a fully grown woman.

Thus, at 15, all the exercising and healthy eating she had been doing began to pay off as she lost over 50 pounds and committed to a healthy lifestyle, which she has worked hard to maintain and improve daily for the last 20 years. Michelle describes her journey as a thorough one that had her desperately craving for a “normal life,” leading her to the path of creating her own healthy yet delicious meals. She calls Sunkissed Kitchen the place where she pours her heart and soul into sharing her passion for healthy eating. She has also built a rich network of other people on the same path she went through who want to understand the foods that keep the body healthy.

As Michelle Miller continues to help as many people as possible feel better, she draws inspiration from those who go the whole length to achieve the best results. As a mother, she is even more committed to creating healthy meals that appeal to everyone. “I thought with my healthy eating habits, it would be easy to pass them along to my child, but his will is stronger than I imagined, forcing even more creativity in the kitchen,” she said.

Michelle’s goal for Sunkissed Kitchen is to encourage and inspire people looking to improve their health to take a long hard look at their nutrition. “What we eat plays a huge role in what people see on the outside. The solution to many people’s issues with their bodies lies in changing their nutrition. When everyone understands this, we can start looking at the next steps,” she said. Her book, “The Pegan Diet,” is currently available for pre-order on her website. It highlights the different ways that food affects the human body and prevents and treats common diseases.

In the next few years, she hopes to win more people to the path of healthy eating through Sunkissed Kitchen. She also hopes to establish that nutrition can help treat diseases like diabetes, mental health issues and many more.

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