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Tactic Creates a Hybrid Work Setting by Seamlessly Integrating the Best Aspects of Both Virtual and Physical Models

The global pandemic has brought about a lot of societal change. Work setups have transitioned to a virtual setting, adapting the concept of working straight from the comfort of our own homes. As the dust slowly settles on the aftereffects of COVID-19, the world is slowly beginning to go back to normal, but the old remnants of a fully physical workplace have no place in the modern world. Tactic aims to find that sweet middle ground by offering a hybrid working model.

Tactic is a powerful tool that seamlessly merges all the best aspects of working from home and traditional office setups. Tactic, Inc. has spent a lot of resources toward researching the most optimal work atmospheres that would drive productivity and give employees a sense of freedom at the same time—thus resulting in the hybrid model that boasts the perfect combination of office-based and home-based settings.

The entire idea behind Tactic was conceptualized in 2020, where companies were adapting work-from-home setups due to the global pandemic. In the early days, the app began with a few concepts shared via phone calls and a Google Doc labeled “operation yellow.” The goal was to help companies drive productivity by extrapolating the best aspects of a virtual work environment and merging it with the traditional office-based work environment.

Nowadays, work-from-home staff members are stretched too thin, with constant meetings causing video conferencing fatigue. In comparison, the argument against office-based setups is the dreadful commute and extra expenses incurred by eating outside and traveling from location to location.

The team over at Tactic knew that they had to come up with a solution that would meet professionals halfway. “We started working on some wireframes and interviewing potential users over the summer,” shares Tactic co-founders. “Based on those learnings, we started to dedicate a serious amount of time to design and development in the fall. Now with the new year, we’re launching and starting to onboard paying customers,” he adds. 

The Tactic app works by providing people with insight into office space availability as well as reservations. In turn, this makes it easier for managers to facilitate in-person collaboration and team-building activities. It provides analytics on office space capacity and helps companies ensure that staff members will maintain minimum health protocols all throughout. 

Through the Tactic app, clients can set up a corporate account and onboard staff through a seamless process. It also helps company personnel get a better grasp of in-office attendance and how to efficiently layout offices, conference rooms, and individual cubicles. The app also has a built-in feature that intuitively assists with overbooking and double booking facilities, allowing much more efficient facilitation of schedules and spaces.

As an added bonus, Tactic is also deeply integrated with the most popular office apps like Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Google Calendar, just to name a few. The app has taken over eight months to finally reach a stable state where it could be shipped to consumers for insights and feedback. In its current state, the breakthrough app is now ready to hit the market and start serving small to large corporations in the coming years.

For more information about Tactic, make sure to visit the company’s official website. For live updates, follow its Instagram account.

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