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Roni Davis Extends a Helping Hand to Dating Amateurs Through Her Book How to Be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle

The current dating landscape has been getting harder and harder to navigate with the pandemic, technology, demanding corporate jobs and all other factors that take up our time and energy. Some people explore the possibility of online dating, and a handful succeed. However, online dating may not be as good an option for some who take time to warm up to a person or need help keeping a conversation going in chat. For psychologist and life coach Roni Davis, this aversion is not an issue but an opportunity.

Roni Davis believes in the importance of opening ourselves to connecting with others within a smooth and organic flow. Building on this, she published her book titled “How to be Single: Color Code Dating and The Love Cycle” in the hopes of helping those who are experiencing a futile and chaotic dating life. Combatting today’s increasing lack of empathy in our society, Roni offers a point of view on dating that is more focused on matching energies and sorting through the connections we make.

Roni’s book tackles two concepts. First is Color Code Dating, a method she developed to help her readers distinguish new connections into six colors, each representing a natural energy this new person may be exhibiting. As a result, this guides the reader on how much energy to spend on the connection or if it is even worth pursuing. The second concept she covers is The Love Cycle, which portrays the different stages in a person’s dating life. The Love Cycle is helpful to single people and people in relationships who might be going through a rough patch or need some guidance on what step to take next to further their current connection.

A community known as Professional Daters Society (PDS) is formed and continues to grow as a testament to the success her dating methods brought. Members of the community are those who have successfully used the teachings of the Color Code Dating method to improve their dating experiences. In addition, those who are still in the process of implementing Roni’s methods in their quest for love have also joined. This society has become so tight-knit that members have developed specific dating terminologies and fondly named the collection of jargons the “date-tionary.” Exhibiting a truly empowering perspective in love and life, Roni Davis has formed a community that endeavors to pull each other up and root for one another’s success in the dating arena.

“It’s my God-given purpose to build brands and empires that people all over the world can benefit from.” It is with this motivation that Roni continues to widen her reach. She maintains an active social media presence on major platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, constantly communicating with her fanbase and releasing engaging comedy videos that promote her methods. She is also set to debut her single, “Mr. Persistence,” this coming January 1st, 2023.

Roni’s aim in publishing her book is simply for her readers to obtain a sense of peace and happiness in their dating lives and extend that happiness into other aspects of their lives. Her emphasis on self-love and self-improvement in her methods portrays this selfless vision. The ever-growing number of people who vouch for her methods in dating and relationships makes us reexamine our perspectives towards dating and gives us hope that it might not be as hopeless as we think it is.

Carmelo Rodriguez to Introduce a Mysterious Character in His New Book Coming this October

Well-loved book author Carmelo Rodriguez is taking his criminal mystery themes a notch higher with the introduction of a new character, Dorothy Fisher, in his new book titled “Smile.” The Kindle edition of the book will be available on 31 October 2022 and is expected to unravel the mystery behind the uncommon little girl capable of doing terrifying deeds. 

Throughout his colorful journey as the author of 15 books of different genres, Rodriguez has drawn myriads of book lovers due to his superb writing abilities. He has a taste for stories that stem from the unique real-life experiences of people around him, making his plots and characters relatable and engaging. 

“I favor stories based on true events. The reason for this is that I enjoyed investigations following the story, but it doesn’t stop there for me. Like I stated previously, I have written multiple books in different genres, so I am not scared to explore,” Rodriguez shared. 

Apart from being a prolific author, he is also a sought-after life coach, negotiation specialist, and motivational speaker who likes to help people take back their lives in the same way he did when he, too, suffered from a personal tragedy that changed his life forever. Before starting his writing career, he was a combat soldier in Iraq who later discovered that a government glitch within the Veteran Affairs (VA) office had declared him deceased. The fight to prove that he was alive and well became one of his biggest and most tedious battles, something that he considered worse than being deprived of his childhood. But that event revealed many realizations that shaped him into a better person who makes the most out of life.  

“I struggled for multiple years as a military vet who was mistakenly declared deceased. During that time, I created a documentary series and book because I had a message. My brand was created out of necessity. In doing so, I realized how inspirational my story was and wanted to continue writing,” he explained. 

His memoir titled “Dead Soldier: A Story of the Living” jump-started his career and launched him into a writing spree. Since then, he has been writing anything he believes will inspire people to pursue greatness. 

After surviving that time in his life, Rodriguez decided to help others who may be going through the same ordeal by empowering them to fight for what they believe is true and not to allow themselves to be cast aside by seemingly powerful organizations. His crisis intervention, law enforcement, and military backgrounds make him more than able to cause people to act and live life to the fullest. 

One of his strengths is analyzing individuals’ mindsets and lifestyle goals, providing people with knowledge, and creating awareness of self-destructive actions. He empowers his clients to develop concrete action plans, acquire burning motivation, and maintain clear focus at all times in order to reach their goals.

If anything, Carmelo Rodriguez has become a beacon of hope for multiple people out there who choose to suffer in silence. He ignites a passion within people to act on their dreams instead of just waiting for them to happen. As he lives his dream life today, he also hopes to inspire more people to pursue their dreams relentlessly. 

From Homeless to an Inspiration: How Ryan Stream Defied Odds

Ryan Stream has traveled across the world, entertaining and inspiring audiences from all walks of life. He is best known for his profound messages and innovative how-to steps to “conquer your colosseum” and create a winning personal and professional life. As a powerhouse speaker, he empowers his audiences using powerful messages based on his personal life experiences. Furthermore, he also sparks inspiration through his original music, delivering powerful narratives on hope and confidence through his songs, along with playing the piano lying down, blindfolded, and even backward.

Ryan Stream is versatile in terms of his music style. His music ranges from country to rap and everything in between. With his unique performances, the artist has been featured across major platforms, including MTV,, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance,, and Influencive Magazine. He is also the recipient of the Verizon Wireless Service Award and two Music Awards for his awe-inspiring songs and equally-captivating music videos. The artist has made his music available across music streaming sites across the globe, available to his ever-growing fanbase. 

Contrary to his current life in the spotlight, Ryan Stream lived a humble life growing up. He slept in homeless shelters and jumped from one foster family to another. It was definitely a challenging time in his life as he was separated from his brothers in the foster care system. Eventually, they were miraculously reunited by the Stream family, which changed the course of their life forever.

Furthermore, Ryan Stream still struggled through phases of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and the consequences of his poor decision-making. Going through grief after the death of his biological mother, who lost her life to suicide when he was in the ninth grade, Ryan struggled to find his direction. On a mission to take control over his life again, Ryan Stream enlisted and joined the military, which was the best decision of his life, the turning point that changed his path. Joining the military taught him perseverance, grit, and determination and shaped him to be the inspiration he is today.

Using his many experiences in life, he uses his talent in leadership, public speaking, and music to amplify stories of leadership, discipline, accountability, resilience, mental and physical strength, teamwork, pride, communication, and service.

Asked what motivated him to become a motivational speaker, Ryan Stream shared that he knows how impactful their words can be after attending an inspiring talk himself when he was younger. “After I got adopted in elementary school, I saw a motivational speaker and realized how this works helped me. I decided right then that I wanted to be just like him. I am now traveling the world sharing my brand and story,” the visionary said. 

“One of the hardest life lessons you’ll ever learn is to let go. To let go of that relationship, those who have hurt you in the past, let it go. Letting go of that guilt and anger that you may feel. Forgiving yourself for anything you may have done in the past. You have to let it go,” Ryan Stream said. “The real power comes when you feel peace.”

Whether through motivational speaking or his music, Ryan Stream is committed to changing lives and helping people get through the darkest phases in their lives. He has uplifted countless individuals through his travels across the globe and aims to stop at nothing to ensure that everyone knows they are not alone in their journey to finding healing, peace, and overcoming their limitations. Make sure to check him out along with his music videos on YouTube! His gear can be found at

Author Deontae Henderson Prepares Children for the Future through Writing

As he lays down ideas for his new published books, Deontae Henderson talks about his reason behind writing ways for children to improve themselves for the future. And as he picks up the medium he writes in, author Deontae is taking a brief relief as he promotes the value of life and lessons to learn. As a writer, Deontae still enjoys the mix of emotions continuously guiding the children and their families to an eye-opener through the past years. 

The seasoned children’s books author reigns as a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the place where he graduated from, Deontae Henderson began creating and self-publishing children’s books in the Tennessee State University’s dorm room as early as junior year of college. In the same University in May 2018, Mr. Deontae earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.

Opposite to the belief that age is a necessity to success, young Deontae Henderson breaks barriers as he releases books entitled “Kid Smoove” — Henderson’s fifth children’s book along with “Young William,” “The Hungriest Pirate,” “TO THE TOP,” and “Momma Bear.” He  has achieved this feat at the age of 24. The inspirational author also had the opportunity to engage and participate in numerous speaking events across the country. 

Through his stories, Deontae Henderson gives his all in encouraging and motivating others to pursue the sterling version of themselves. Young at heart, the hopeful strives to leave his mark on this Earth and overcome every obstacle. Deontae Henderson’s mission is to live by a quote from one of his favorite speakers, Les Brown, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” 

The stories he extracts are ideas running in his head put to life and meaning. He hopes to live up to his duty to put those ideas out where people can learn and make sure that children worldwide can experience them.

As Deontae Henderson’s books center on giving valuable life lessons incomprehensible and straightforward ways, grasping the message suitable for all ages is easier. Mr. Deontae prides himself in creating game-changing books that individuals– old or young– and families worldwide will happily experience. 

His years in the career propelled his love for what he was doing, remarkably helping others experience the joy he is having. To do so, he released six guide books on Amazon. These guidebooks educate people in ways to create books, audios, and podcasts without undergoing much hassle. 

The author’s passion flourished with reminding how stories “The Little Engine That Could” and “The Alchemist” did for him. He persistently creates books that will transform lives and give brighter insights to battle the unpredictable tomorrows.

“I truly love creating stories for children that have the possibility of bringing them joy and inspiration at such an impressionable age,” he says in recollecting the reason he continues to write. 

Deontae Henderson aims for the entire world to see his work and be inspired to explore and create whatever comes to mind regardless of age or circumstance. Learn more about him and his works of art by visiting his Amazon or Instagram.

Nick Shelton Shares Effective Formula to Help Introverts Socialize Better

Being socially awkward is inherent to most introverts. Professionals who experience this, however, lose out on so many possibilities in terms of connecting with the right people who can contribute to the conduct of their business or have the potential to elevate the value of their company. Best-selling author Nick Shelton of the book An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination is giving these professionals the tools they need in order to thrive in a social event. 

The author and personal coach is no stranger to the struggle that introverts face whenever presented with the possibility of having to interact with a group of people as he himself admits that he is an introvert. Growing up, Nick Shelton was quite a shy and reserved young boy who mostly preferred to stay on the sidelines. While he was quite satisfied with the way he was, he later came to realize that he had been missing so many opportunities because of his awkwardness. 

“I had dreams and aspirations and no clue as to how to get ahead because I felt handicapped by my social ineptness. After years of being in the trenches and learning the hard way how to excel in social situations and build a high-level network that allowed me to upgrade my life and lifestyle, I saw there was a need for others like me to do the same thing. So I started my brand to help introverted, shy, and socially awkward people level up,” Nick Shelton shares. 

Thanks to his experience serving in the United States Air Force, Nick was forced to adapt, and he discovered a formula that is easy to follow, highly doable, and quite effective when it comes to overcoming his fear when socializing. Realizing that there is a way that introverts can interact with others socially, Nick Shelton developed his personal brand, The Connected Introvert. 

“Most people think that introverts must become extroverts in order to succeed. Introverts are not extroverts and should not have to behave like them in order to get ahead. It is my goal to show that introverts can be wildly successful in a world that’s made by and for extroverts without compromising themselves or their energy,” Nick Shelton explains. 

The authenticity of Nick’s approach makes his insight very relatable and easy to grasp. Simplifying the process is one of his main objectives as he wants his clients to be as comfortable as they can be when they work on their self-confidence, spontaneity, and eloquence.

The future looks bright for many introverts in different parts of the world as Nick Shelton looks forward to doing more talks that will reveal the easy application of the insights he included in An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination. Determined to reach more people in the coming years, there is no doubt that more introverts will be able to experience more fulfilling socialization after struggling with it for quite some time. With Nick’s guidance and mentorship, the world can expect more introverts to rise up and excel in their respective industries. 

Find out more about Nick Shelton by visiting Connected Introvert’s website. Follow Nick on Facebook for updates on his latest projects. 

Michael “Kleos” Chin’s Famous Webseries “The Root of All Evil” Is Taking the Stage

The youngest recognized urban playwright in the industry is about to make his web series even more animated. Uprooting “The Root of All Evil” and planting it onstage, Michael “Kleos” Chin is finally sharing his gift to a wider audience. 

Michael “Kleos” Chin is a young adult known in exclusive art circles as one with a passion for acting, producing, directing, and writing. The multi-talented creative has dabbled in various art forms, which has helped him develop and share his beautiful way with words.

For as long as he could remember, Kleos was always awed and interested in the performing arts and everything that went into producing it. He studied acting in several lauded performing arts programs from the 6th grade to the 12th grade.

While in high school, he spent his days with a script in one hand and a textbook in another. He wowed the audience night after night with his craft as he made a big name for himself within the DMV area for his online comedy skits. Not just within the region, Kleos also gained international attention and almost immediately had an overwhelming following, looking to his social media performances to brighten their days.

Determined to keep the weather sunny in thousands of lives everywhere, Kleos decided to expand his reach and share his gift for writing by creating the web series “The Root of All Evil.” The moment it was up and out, the series took on a life of its own and stood center in a movie set, and soon in a play.

After turning “The Root of All Evil” into a short film, the inspiring web series is now being adapted into a virtual stage play on Michael “Kleos” Chin’s streaming service called “Flameous Flix” and will be opening curtains this coming February 2021.

Ready to blaze into hearts and get the candle of faith burning brighter, Kleos’s virtual stage play will be the first project on and is expected to set the standard for his future works, which, like his famous web series, will be unlike anything seen before.

Along with “The Root of All Evil,” Kleos is also known for his must-have book entitled “Almost Not Born,” which he co-authored with his lovely fiancé Desireé Morgan. Like most of his content, the book was written to inspire faith in God. The Christian non-fiction work of art follows the trials of a character named Destiny struggling against the devil’s wicked tricks who is determined to destroy God’s plans for her before her birth. 

The young writer’s prowess and evident passion printed with his words has inspired his audience and has gotten the spotlight at the end of the tunnel, motivating people to walk towards it.

“I tell the realness of reality while showing everyone that no matter who you are, there is hope and faith in God,” he shares. 

Grab your front-row tickets and keep your phone on silent for Michael “Kleos” Chin’s “The Root of All Evil.” Sit back and follow the story of faith in the artist’s virtual stage play airing February 2021 on Flameous Flix’s official website. Learn more about the young creative and stay updated on his work by following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Brandi L. Benson Shares Her Inspiring Story of Conquering Her Inner Enemy

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Although the journey may be tough and challenging, there is always hope beyond what a person sees. As a matter of fact, some of the most inspiring and worthwhile endings often breed from a survival story filled with doubts, struggles and unrelenting trials. These tribulations allow us to prepare ourselves for a life thronged with success.

For Brandi L. Benson, it was in the hardships she faced that made her who she is today- a strong woman permeated with vigor to move forward. Now, as a cancer survivor, Brandi invites everyone to bravely go through the several struggles that life brings and conquer them with a compassionate and resilient heart. By overcoming these challenges, triumphs await for the victor.

As one of the foremost advocates for battling cancer, Brandi L. Benson’s grueling past serves as an epitome of strength and resilience. Having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, almost everyone thought she only had a few months to live. However, her resilient mindset did not allow these negativities to overpower her hope. Instead, Brandi redirected this energy and used them as sources of motivation toward climbing the pinnacles of victory.

Bred in Novato, California, Brandi L. Benson always had a knack for propelling herself toward greatness with unparalleled tenacity. Fueled by her dreams to represent her country as a world-class athlete, Brandi joined the U.S. Army to hone her skills and fulfill her goals. Her persevering spirit catapulted her career in the military, and Brandi was stationed in Iraq after basic training. 

After only three months of serving in the military, 24-year-old Brandi was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer across the globe, Ewing Sarcoma.

Feeling hopeless and dejected, Brandi L. Benson almost spiraled into an abyss of endless self-doubt and denial. As she realized how her journey could impact the lives of many similarly-situated individuals, she stormed through it all by writing her experiences in a journal. This newfound strength emboldened her to pack her bags and take the first flight to Germany to play the odds against cancer.

Pounding the pavement to conquer her personal battle, Brandi walked away from the hospital, triumphantly defying the odds with one less muscle in her left leg and a cancer-free disposition. Although her dreams of becoming a world-class athlete ended, Brandi embraced her new identity and set out to be an inspiration to those who continue to struggle in conquering their battles. She decided to share her inspiring story with the world with a newfound purpose and turned her journal into a book entitled “The Enemy Inside Me.”

Since its release, “The Enemy Inside Me” has inspired struggling individuals to face their fears and conquer their battles.

In the coming years, Brandi hopes to continue her mission of enlightening the world with her strong spirit and empowering tale of trials and triumphs. She also wants to become a beacon of hope for cancer patients around the world and anyone facing “an enemy” in whatever form.

To know more about Brandi, you may visit her website.

Building Resilience: COVID-19 Survivor Deion Campbell Shares His Story of Strength and Hope

Forty days. That’s how long Deion Campbell fought against the deadly virus called COVID-19. After getting diagnosed with the disease, he spent the journey holding for his dear life on a ventilator and doing rehab for complete recovery. He never thought to see the day again, but now he is standing tall and healthy to share his story of survival, resilience, and hope.

Famously known as the King Legend, Deion got his life all figured out. He was working on a job he passionately loved, as a professional photographer. For him, the best thing the photography job gave him was capturing the priceless moments of his clients. Unfortunately, COVID-19 struck the city, and lockdowns and quarantines took effect afterward. As much as Deion wanted to pursue his photography passion, it forced him to put his dreams on hold for a moment. As if that were not enough, he contracted the deadly virus.

It was only the beginning of Deion’s battle against the illness. He suffered an eight-day fever before finally being admitted to the hospital. The medical staff had to put him on a ventilator for almost two weeks since his body reacted so severely to the virus that he could not breathe properly. 

He experienced complications while on the ventilator, and the first attempt to take him off the ventilator was unsuccessful. The doctors, under intensive care, were eventually able to get him back to a stable condition and successfully took him off the ventilator. Even though Deion had a close call to death, his will to survive seemed to be stronger than anyone could have ever thought. 

Now discharged from the hospital, Deion is recovering well. He learned from this experience that “life is too short. You only got one shot to make the very best of it.” In the face of adversity, Deion treated this incident as a boon rather than a bane. It might have left him unable to pick up the camera again because of the nerve damage on his right arm, but Deion chose to see this as a golden opportunity.

What happened to him was life-transforming as it was more than just a physical ailment. Transforming this personal tragedy into a story of awareness, Deion decided to take a leap of faith and started to write his book called Ventilator. In this book, he narrated his struggles as a COVID-19 patient and how he made it through. He also shares how to be resilient, especially in these indescribably trying times. He further stresses, “I would want them to be inspired by my survival story and want to take the steps necessary to be as safe as possible during this global pandemic.” The book is set to be released on the day of his birthday, October 28, 2020. 

He also owns King Legend Talks Podcast. Using this platform to influence, he continues to inspire and motivate people in the hopes of making their dream a reality. His main mantra has always been consistent. “Leading by example has always been my thing.” With his platform, he hopes to leave a legacy for the next generation to follow.

To learn more about Deion Campbell’s story, make sure to visit him on Instagram

Michael‌ H. ‌Forde:‌ ‌More‌ ‌Than‌ ‌A‌ ‌Public‌ ‌Health‌ ‌Servant‌

During these trying times, public health and healthcare workers are at the forefront in the face of this COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has exposed the various conditions of public health systems in every country. While some countries have been stellar in meeting the health needs for their citizens, some have obviously faltered. But in the moments of darkness, everyone will also need something to light up their hopes. And Michael H. Forde is certainly the bright spot the world and healthcare needs.

With over 134,000 followers on Instagram and 179,000 on Facebook, the doctoral student is definitely a rare breed of an influencer. He cheers up his huge following by sharing motivational quotes and heart-warming clips. Forde claimed that his purpose is to minimize the daily negativity circulating in the platforms. The 26-year-old’s enthusiasm for helping others is not only limited to the screen. His work as a health communications specialist at the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has also been a fruitful endeavor. Apart from the physical welfare of patients, Michael H. Forde is also inclined to their mental condition as well.

“Mental health is an important concept to me, thus my drive to deliver powerful motivational and inspirational content so that others can have healthy brains and healthy bodies,” said the Brooklyn-born public health professional. 

Since his 2017 start on Instagram, Forde has grown exponentially. “My purpose is to spread love and messages of hope, encouragement, and inspiration. Whether this is through the lens of public health, or the lens of social media, I am constantly making sure that the best change can happen from the best messages of power,” he shared.  

Michael also shared that he does not want to wait until he is in his late 30s to become an author and share his words of hope and wisdom. Forde authored his own self-help book, “Success Begins From Where You Are!”, in December 2017 and rebranded it in January 2020. He seeks to lend a hand to others to find their own purpose in life.

The fastest-growing positivity influencer on social media earned his bachelor’s degree at age 19. Three years later, Michael H. Forde obtained his master’s. He regards his journey in the health field as his ultimate ammunition to continue his mission.

The recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship has served local and national communities as a member of the NIAID Inquiry Response Team, under the Institute’s leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Moreover, Michael has been loud in advocating for minority students as he is the ambassador of the National College Resources Foundation, a nonprofit organization that has currently amassed over a billion dollars in scholarships and grants. 

“I want to be a leader in the public health field, but also a leader in the field of change. Someone who has effectively created a system in which people can learn to grow emotionally and be cognizant of improving health-related behaviors,” said Michael after being asked about what his plans are in the future. He is also interested in writing more books that put a limelight on moving themes like self-improvement and self-worth.

Dylan Blau Emerges as a Leader in the Dog Training Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

People in the dog training and marketing world like to refer to Dylan Maxwell Blau as “Dylan the Dog Trainer” and “Mr. Social Media.” And the businessman from Los Angeles has done more than enough to earn those titles.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in the United States experienced significant loss. Dog training businesses also felt the adverse effects of the economic downturn. As his way of responding to the need, Dylan Maxwell Blau has taken it upon himself to teach dog trainers in the country how to use digital channels to promote their services. For that reason, hundreds of dog training businesses have now survived and even thrived during the crisis.

Dylan used his own business, Epic Dog Pros, as a way to experiment and prove his strategies could work. After reaching massive success and selling millions of dollars in dog training programs, Dylan became a leader in the dog training industry with the focus to help others fast track their success. Several years ago, the expert dog trainer of thirteen years realized how the dog training industry was underutilizing social media to promote their services. He would take the opportunity and go all-in on creating a social media brand for his business. He invested a significant amount of time, energy, and resources creating content for social media and posting heavily. More importantly, he networked with people all over the world, building valuable relationships. 

Soon enough, Dylan Maxwell Blau was organically generating hundreds of leads through digital platforms. As the head trainer for Epic Dog Pros, Dylan has trained thousands of dogs in the last 3 years. Even during the pandemic, the business has not slowed down for Dylan as a result of his strategy to put his clients’ needs first, finding a way to overcome the COVID-19 related obstacles. Rather than changing his whole business to be virtual training distancing himself from the clients, he doubled down on hands-on dog training with social distancing precautions. Dylan’s advice and strategies during the pandemic saved hundreds of dog trainers from going out of business. When a crisis hits, just like dogs, we act out of fight or flight. Dylan’s ability to stay clear-headed enough to guide his fellow dog trainers through the storm is truly heroic. For that, Dylan Blau has become one of the leading social media influencers around the categories of dog training and pet care businesses.

When the COVID-19 crisis paralyzed markets, Dylan offered free social media strategy coaching calls to help dog trainers, as well as other types of businesses, get clients during the lockdown. The social media and dog training expert has helped hundreds of dog trainers from all over the United States continue to make money and grow their businesses. On top of that, thousands of dogs were trained all across America as a direct result. Dylan has made a legendary impact in the dog training industry and strives to continue to be a leader for his fellow dog trainers.

Dylan’s passion to help people would lead to the birth of an all-inclusive talent management, social media, and branding agency called The Blau Agency. Dylan Maxwell Blau has worked with dog trainers, artists, influencers, and business owners. He provides services in branding, marketing, lead generation, sales, networking, collaborations, websites, content creation, and personal management.

Dylan Maxwell Blau is currently hiring  100  talent agents for The Blau Agency in order to help more types of talent and entrepreneurs grow their brands even in times of crisis. “I want all the up-and-coming artists and business owners to know that there are ways to even the playing field in a highly competitive industry,” shares Dylan. “The truth is, even if you have the best song in the world or the greatest service or product, if no one knows about it, then it doesn’t really matter.”

Through these unprecedented times, Dylan’s business ventures continue to grow and scale.. Epic Dog Pros continues to focus their services to help dogs with aggression or other behavioral issues, as well as obedience and service dog training in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Dylan is also an author of two books entitled Social Media Secrets and We Are Dog Training. 

To learn more about Dylan Maxwell Blau, visit the company website of The Blau Agency or contact him on his Instagram (@WeAreDogTraining).