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Roni Davis Extends a Helping Hand to Dating Amateurs Through Her Book How to Be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle

The current dating landscape has been getting harder and harder to navigate with the pandemic, technology, demanding corporate jobs and all other factors that take up our time and energy. Some people explore the possibility of online dating, and a handful succeed. However, online dating may not be as good an option for some who take time to warm up to a person or need help keeping a conversation going in chat. For psychologist and life coach Roni Davis, this aversion is not an issue but an opportunity.

Roni Davis believes in the importance of opening ourselves to connecting with others within a smooth and organic flow. Building on this, she published her book titled “How to be Single: Color Code Dating and The Love Cycle” in the hopes of helping those who are experiencing a futile and chaotic dating life. Combatting today’s increasing lack of empathy in our society, Roni offers a point of view on dating that is more focused on matching energies and sorting through the connections we make.

Roni’s book tackles two concepts. First is Color Code Dating, a method she developed to help her readers distinguish new connections into six colors, each representing a natural energy this new person may be exhibiting. As a result, this guides the reader on how much energy to spend on the connection or if it is even worth pursuing. The second concept she covers is The Love Cycle, which portrays the different stages in a person’s dating life. The Love Cycle is helpful to single people and people in relationships who might be going through a rough patch or need some guidance on what step to take next to further their current connection.

A community known as Professional Daters Society (PDS) is formed and continues to grow as a testament to the success her dating methods brought. Members of the community are those who have successfully used the teachings of the Color Code Dating method to improve their dating experiences. In addition, those who are still in the process of implementing Roni’s methods in their quest for love have also joined. This society has become so tight-knit that members have developed specific dating terminologies and fondly named the collection of jargons the “date-tionary.” Exhibiting a truly empowering perspective in love and life, Roni Davis has formed a community that endeavors to pull each other up and root for one another’s success in the dating arena.

“It’s my God-given purpose to build brands and empires that people all over the world can benefit from.” It is with this motivation that Roni continues to widen her reach. She maintains an active social media presence on major platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, constantly communicating with her fanbase and releasing engaging comedy videos that promote her methods. She is also set to debut her single, “Mr. Persistence,” this coming January 1st, 2023.

Roni’s aim in publishing her book is simply for her readers to obtain a sense of peace and happiness in their dating lives and extend that happiness into other aspects of their lives. Her emphasis on self-love and self-improvement in her methods portrays this selfless vision. The ever-growing number of people who vouch for her methods in dating and relationships makes us reexamine our perspectives towards dating and gives us hope that it might not be as hopeless as we think it is.

Carmelo Rodriguez to Introduce a Mysterious Character in His New Book Coming this October

Well-loved book author Carmelo Rodriguez is taking his criminal mystery themes a notch higher with the introduction of a new character, Dorothy Fisher, in his new book titled “Smile.” The Kindle edition of the book will be available on 31 October 2022 and is expected to unravel the mystery behind the uncommon little girl capable of doing terrifying deeds. 

Throughout his colorful journey as the author of 15 books of different genres, Rodriguez has drawn myriads of book lovers due to his superb writing abilities. He has a taste for stories that stem from the unique real-life experiences of people around him, making his plots and characters relatable and engaging. 

“I favor stories based on true events. The reason for this is that I enjoyed investigations following the story, but it doesn’t stop there for me. Like I stated previously, I have written multiple books in different genres, so I am not scared to explore,” Rodriguez shared. 

Apart from being a prolific author, he is also a sought-after life coach, negotiation specialist, and motivational speaker who likes to help people take back their lives in the same way he did when he, too, suffered from a personal tragedy that changed his life forever. Before starting his writing career, he was a combat soldier in Iraq who later discovered that a government glitch within the Veteran Affairs (VA) office had declared him deceased. The fight to prove that he was alive and well became one of his biggest and most tedious battles, something that he considered worse than being deprived of his childhood. But that event revealed many realizations that shaped him into a better person who makes the most out of life.  

“I struggled for multiple years as a military vet who was mistakenly declared deceased. During that time, I created a documentary series and book because I had a message. My brand was created out of necessity. In doing so, I realized how inspirational my story was and wanted to continue writing,” he explained. 

His memoir titled “Dead Soldier: A Story of the Living” jump-started his career and launched him into a writing spree. Since then, he has been writing anything he believes will inspire people to pursue greatness. 

After surviving that time in his life, Rodriguez decided to help others who may be going through the same ordeal by empowering them to fight for what they believe is true and not to allow themselves to be cast aside by seemingly powerful organizations. His crisis intervention, law enforcement, and military backgrounds make him more than able to cause people to act and live life to the fullest. 

One of his strengths is analyzing individuals’ mindsets and lifestyle goals, providing people with knowledge, and creating awareness of self-destructive actions. He empowers his clients to develop concrete action plans, acquire burning motivation, and maintain clear focus at all times in order to reach their goals.

If anything, Carmelo Rodriguez has become a beacon of hope for multiple people out there who choose to suffer in silence. He ignites a passion within people to act on their dreams instead of just waiting for them to happen. As he lives his dream life today, he also hopes to inspire more people to pursue their dreams relentlessly. 

From Homeless to an Inspiration: How Ryan Stream Defied Odds

Ryan Stream has traveled across the world, entertaining and inspiring audiences from all walks of life. He is best known for his profound messages and innovative how-to steps to “conquer your colosseum” and create a winning personal and professional life. As a powerhouse speaker, he empowers his audiences using powerful messages based on his personal life experiences. Furthermore, he also sparks inspiration through his original music, delivering powerful narratives on hope and confidence through his songs, along with playing the piano lying down, blindfolded, and even backward.

Ryan Stream is versatile in terms of his music style. His music ranges from country to rap and everything in between. With his unique performances, the artist has been featured across major platforms, including MTV,, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance,, and Influencive Magazine. He is also the recipient of the Verizon Wireless Service Award and two Music Awards for his awe-inspiring songs and equally-captivating music videos. The artist has made his music available across music streaming sites across the globe, available to his ever-growing fanbase. 

Contrary to his current life in the spotlight, Ryan Stream lived a humble life growing up. He slept in homeless shelters and jumped from one foster family to another. It was definitely a challenging time in his life as he was separated from his brothers in the foster care system. Eventually, they were miraculously reunited by the Stream family, which changed the course of their life forever.

Furthermore, Ryan Stream still struggled through phases of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and the consequences of his poor decision-making. Going through grief after the death of his biological mother, who lost her life to suicide when he was in the ninth grade, Ryan struggled to find his direction. On a mission to take control over his life again, Ryan Stream enlisted and joined the military, which was the best decision of his life, the turning point that changed his path. Joining the military taught him perseverance, grit, and determination and shaped him to be the inspiration he is today.

Using his many experiences in life, he uses his talent in leadership, public speaking, and music to amplify stories of leadership, discipline, accountability, resilience, mental and physical strength, teamwork, pride, communication, and service.

Asked what motivated him to become a motivational speaker, Ryan Stream shared that he knows how impactful their words can be after attending an inspiring talk himself when he was younger. “After I got adopted in elementary school, I saw a motivational speaker and realized how this works helped me. I decided right then that I wanted to be just like him. I am now traveling the world sharing my brand and story,” the visionary said. 

“One of the hardest life lessons you’ll ever learn is to let go. To let go of that relationship, those who have hurt you in the past, let it go. Letting go of that guilt and anger that you may feel. Forgiving yourself for anything you may have done in the past. You have to let it go,” Ryan Stream said. “The real power comes when you feel peace.”

Whether through motivational speaking or his music, Ryan Stream is committed to changing lives and helping people get through the darkest phases in their lives. He has uplifted countless individuals through his travels across the globe and aims to stop at nothing to ensure that everyone knows they are not alone in their journey to finding healing, peace, and overcoming their limitations. Make sure to check him out along with his music videos on YouTube! His gear can be found at