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Roni Davis Extends a Helping Hand to Dating Amateurs Through Her Book How to Be Single: Color Code Dating and the Love Cycle

The current dating landscape has been getting harder and harder to navigate with the pandemic, technology, demanding corporate jobs and all other factors that take up our time and energy. Some people explore the possibility of online dating, and a handful succeed. However, online dating may not be as good an option for some who take time to warm up to a person or need help keeping a conversation going in chat. For psychologist and life coach Roni Davis, this aversion is not an issue but an opportunity.

Roni Davis believes in the importance of opening ourselves to connecting with others within a smooth and organic flow. Building on this, she published her book titled “How to be Single: Color Code Dating and The Love Cycle” in the hopes of helping those who are experiencing a futile and chaotic dating life. Combatting today’s increasing lack of empathy in our society, Roni offers a point of view on dating that is more focused on matching energies and sorting through the connections we make.

Roni’s book tackles two concepts. First is Color Code Dating, a method she developed to help her readers distinguish new connections into six colors, each representing a natural energy this new person may be exhibiting. As a result, this guides the reader on how much energy to spend on the connection or if it is even worth pursuing. The second concept she covers is The Love Cycle, which portrays the different stages in a person’s dating life. The Love Cycle is helpful to single people and people in relationships who might be going through a rough patch or need some guidance on what step to take next to further their current connection.

A community known as Professional Daters Society (PDS) is formed and continues to grow as a testament to the success her dating methods brought. Members of the community are those who have successfully used the teachings of the Color Code Dating method to improve their dating experiences. In addition, those who are still in the process of implementing Roni’s methods in their quest for love have also joined. This society has become so tight-knit that members have developed specific dating terminologies and fondly named the collection of jargons the “date-tionary.” Exhibiting a truly empowering perspective in love and life, Roni Davis has formed a community that endeavors to pull each other up and root for one another’s success in the dating arena.

“It’s my God-given purpose to build brands and empires that people all over the world can benefit from.” It is with this motivation that Roni continues to widen her reach. She maintains an active social media presence on major platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, constantly communicating with her fanbase and releasing engaging comedy videos that promote her methods. She is also set to debut her single, “Mr. Persistence,” this coming January 1st, 2023.

Roni’s aim in publishing her book is simply for her readers to obtain a sense of peace and happiness in their dating lives and extend that happiness into other aspects of their lives. Her emphasis on self-love and self-improvement in her methods portrays this selfless vision. The ever-growing number of people who vouch for her methods in dating and relationships makes us reexamine our perspectives towards dating and gives us hope that it might not be as hopeless as we think it is.

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