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Take A Look At Some of the Top Real Estate Professionals You Should Follow In 2022

In today’s marketplace, the housing market for service providers such as real estate agents & loan officers has been what many would say a very exciting time. To look further into today’s movement, we sat down with some of the top real estate professionals that we believe you should follow online. 

By reading, you will learn about their successes in the marketplace & an outlook on how they view the future of the real estate marketplace both foreign & domestic.

Matthew Ziegert

Matthew Ziegert is an American mortgage professional based in New Jersey that has successfully originated over 500 million in home loans for residential homebuyers. The independent loan officer has successfully scaled his team from the ground up through hard work and proven omnipresent marketing systems. Ziegert mentions that the future of the mortgage lending industry will be based on one thing — Speed. Furthermore, Matthew believes that underwriting is heading towards becoming completely automated as speed becomes more of a factor to getting approved lending for today’s home buyers. To learn more about Matthew Ziegert, click here

Beau Cox

Robert “Beau” Cox is an American Mortgage Professional and Division Partner at Nations Lending Corporation, a full-service mortgage lender in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Beau is also the Co-Founder of “blooprinted” an online platform where experts showcase their courses & insight on valuable marketplace skills. Acting as a Branch Manager for over 4 years, Beau has found his specialty in low interest rate mortgage loans for first responders. Each year Beau upholds a goal of closing more than 100 loans for local police officers and their families. Cox views the Federal Reserve quantitative interest rate cycling to be a great opportunity for certain loan products that used to be less attractive for home buyers in the marketplace. To learn more about Beau Cox and his revolutionary work with Nations Lending Corporation, click here.

Erika Ahajanian

Erika Borunda Ahajanian is an American Luxury Real Estate broker with the Altman Brothers brokerage. Erika represents notable Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Athletes & more in Southern California for luxury real estate sales & purchases. In her 8 year career, Ahajanian has produced over 100 million in real estate sales — As an experienced real estate professional, Erika is your guide for buying and selling real estate in Southern california. The successful broker has been featured in Bravo TV, CBS, & more for her work as a luxury broker and innovator in the emerging real estate crypto market. In the future, Ahajanian is excited to grow her team & teach new agents how to get involved in the luxury real estate market. 

Lev Mavashev

Lev Mavashev is a New York real estate executive that specializes in arranging the acquisitions and sales of Multifamily properties throughout the boroughs of New York City.  In his career, Lev has successfully built his organization Alpha Realty — which is one of the top Commercial Real Estate brokerage firms in NYC with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Lev views the future of New York City to continue to be favorable in attracting global capital investments into NYC Multifamily assets, furthermore stating: “Multifamily is the lifeblood of New York City real estate, representing 60% of all commercial transactions, despite a challenging regulatory environment.” To learn more about Lev Mavashev, click here

Jessica Markowski

Jessica Markowski is an American real estate professional that specializes in luxury real estate with household brand SERHANT — a Ryan Serhant real estate brokerage in New York City. The successful agent is also an accomplished model and actress who has been casted in many commercials such as H&M, Revlon, Conair, Alfa Romeo. Markowski relates a lot of her success in the marketplace as an agent to her online influence on social media. By leveraging her optics & credibility, Jessica has been able to acquire & align with high end clients using social media as a resource. To learn more about Jessica Markowski, click here

Joshua Massieh

Joshua Massieh is an American, dual licensed mortgage lender & real estate broker based out of San Diego, California. The successful real estate professional is very passionate about building his online presence as an expert professional for any & all real estate needs. His Instagram (@Lendingtips), Youtube (@Cultrealestate) and Tik Tok have made him a staple in the social media world. Massieh mentions that his success has been because of his effort to take every real estate transaction with the same amount of due diligence as he would if it were his own.“Thinking outside the box is something we all can do. Helping people, creating lifelong relationships and actually creating a road to wealth rather than treating it as another transaction” Massieh Stated.  In the future, Massieh is excited to continue to grow his organization PacWest Funding into more states nationwide.To learn more about Joshua Massieh, click here

Peter Adamopoulos

Peter Adamopoulos is a Canadian real estate broker & entrepreneur based out of Montreal, Canada. In his career, he has successfully closed hundreds of property listings and has helped countless clients close in escrow over asking price consistently. As one of the fastest growing brokers at North East Agency, Peter’s success is driven by his acute focus on transparency – making sure his clients make well-informed decisions when conducting real estate transactions. In the future, Peter is excited to further grow his client base in the greater Montreal area and build his online presence as the go to for buying and selling real estate in his marketplace. To learn more about Peter, click here.

Landon Albrick

Landon Albrick is an American Real Estate Professional based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a broker & founder of The Albrick Group — A residential real estate group focused on the greater Charlotte metropolitan area. In his career, Landon has successfully sold over 250 homes in his marketplace & is noted as one of the top agents in his marketplace. Albrick wants future home buyers & sellers to know that the current Fed quantitative tightening and rate hikes shouldn’t stop you from aligning with an agent to weigh options. Focusing on building his organization by bringing on new agents this year, look for Landon Albrick to continue to pave the way for his team at Albrick Group. To learn more about Landon, click here

Slavik Lund

Slavik Lund is a Russian-American mortgage professional based out of Alaska. The successful professional is also a successful real estate investor besides his role as a loan officer with First Rate Financial. Due to Lund’s deep knowledge of real estate through active involvement, Slavik has been able to successfully advise investors & home buyers on what is the best option for their real estate needs. Slavik believes to succeed in the future mortgage lending industry licensed professionals will need to focus on relationships instead of being transactional. To learn more about Slavik Lund & get tips on real estate investing, click here.

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