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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Tru Universe

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at Tru Universe
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By: Ina Bochian 

Exploring Tru’s Creative Programs and Partnerships

Tru- Tru Universe is a leading payment, incentive, and technology provider. Tru offers an array of reliable and innovative tender solutions using a single payment platform to modernize transactions, reduce costs, generate revenue, and build brands. The Tru platform revolutionizes traditional rewards with end-to-end customization and valuable customer insights, helping businesses drive engagement and growth ranging from small and mid-size enterprises to multinational companies and organizations across the globe. As a fully integrated issuer in over 50 markets worldwide, Tru provides competitive solutions that promote business growth while increasing customer and employee loyalty. 

TCA Group of Companies Inc. (“Tru”) is a Canadian-based, female-led FinTech set on a mission to disrupt and innovate the international markets. 

Tru goes beyond creating a payment platform to create marketing solutions and incentives for various industries and social sectors such as government, retail (including major malls), transportation, travel, healthcare, telecom, tourism, automotive, real estate, military and charity. 

To bring all these programs together, Tru creates and innovates the programs to streamline the payment process for the client, from sales to operations. The teamwork of their in-house departments within Tru brings ideas to the drawing board, which later materialize into working models. There is more behind a fintech marketing company than the final product, but the beauty behind running a well-oiled machine is how all the parts come together.  

According to Mira Tzur, Senior Vice President, “One of the most exciting aspects of working with the Tru Team has been to offer my creative input and media consulting, sharing my skills and international experience in this space.” 

Chris Michaelis, the Vice President of Marketing, also echoes his favorite part about working with clients. He loves “to see a program progress from initial concept in the client’s mind’s eye, to program fulfillment. Overseeing project management through customer service is remarkable and innovative.”

Lisette Anciaes, the Senior Program Director, says that her favorite part of designing customizable programs is with clients. “To be able to walk the floor and see the idea come full swing. It’s wild and rewarding. Every experience is always new, keeping the excitement high. Above and beyond this, the most rewarding aspect is the way our programs help attain access to funds they would not have been able to without our unique offerings and partnerships.” 

Megha Talwar, the Digital Marketing Manager, states, “Seeing each and every program go from its infancy stage to fulfillment and being shipped is remarkable. Gaining first-hand experience in seeing how each program comes to life is amazing. The team at Tru truly knows how to work their magic!”

Having a dedicated team of people who enjoy what they do has been vital for Tru’s growth, and the results speak for themselves. In the past two years, Tru has doubled its size, expanded throughout various industries, and continues to grow in multiple territories globally.   

Some of Canada’s largest shopping centers are working with Tru to create customized gift card management platforms and additional key features to improve user experience. The Mall Platform is accessible by management admins and mall personnel for card orders, card loading and reporting for all their major retail malls, including integration to a self-serve kiosk.

As part of the transportation partnerships, Tru worked on The Mobility Wallet (MW), a community-oriented program to provide an all-in-one way to pay for multiple modes of transportation. The program, which is the largest of its kind in the nation, is a rewards program encouraging residents of multi-vehicle households to reduce their reliance on vehicles for local trips and instead explore alternatives such as carpooling, public transit, walking or biking. Eligible participants receive their incentives in the form of a Tru Prepaid Card. 

In efforts to expand service to philanthropic organizations, Tru worked with charities to facilitate funds quickly to individuals and families affected by natural disasters and economic setbacks. Tru created a card-loading portal customized to the organization’s need to disperse funds quickly to beneficiaries at a moment’s notice. The Tru platform also enables the organization to load expense cards for staff and the ability to track transactions. 

In order to create incentives for travel, Tru worked with airlines to create the Travel Agent Loyalty Program to motivate travel agents to utilize a coalition of airline travel partners. Streamlined real-time rewards and incentives totaling millions were distributed to travel agents throughout North America. The implementation of this specific program led to a notable 27% surge in sales.

Within the healthcare sector, Tru worked with the Benefit Plan to provide employees with a prepaid card to pay for medical and dental expenses for their Health Spending Account (HSA). Companies using this program pay to cover health or dental expenses for employees, and the Benefit Plan then provides the employees with a reimbursement of the expense incurred on the prepaid card. 

In the telecom space, telecom companies were looking to change providers with hopes of delivering on-demand incentives to consumers at hundreds of locations for a wide variety of promotions. Tru worked with the client to build a new CRM that would enable real-time card loading, on-the-fly promotions, detailed analytics, and receipt printing.

In the tourism sector, Tru developed the Community Impact Program. This program is the first of its kind for Canada’s business events industry. The Community Impact Program provides business travel delegates with prepaid cards for use within the destination. A percent of each card will go directly to the Banff Canmore Foundation for use at a local charity of the client’s choice.

To help boost sales incentives within the automotive sector, Tru assisted car dealerships in implementing North America’s most successful sales system. By leveraging Tru’s prepaid cards, they achieved an average sales increase of 20%. Rewards members earn rewards for referring friends, family, and co-workers to auto dealerships, potentially contributing to increased sales through referral channels.

Similarly, within the real estate business, Save worked with Tru to create a rebate program whereby real estate agents and mortgage brokers can earn cash-back rewards for buying or selling real estate or securing mortgages. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers have the option to load their rewards onto a Tru Prepaid Card and enjoy the flexibility to spend these rewards wherever Visa® is accepted. By referring friends, the agents and brokers receive additional dollar rewards each time their friends make a purchase.

Tru has also been working on several government projects, including projects for the military and veterans transitioning back into civilian life. One of the programs Tru has been working on is for reserve members, former military personnel and their families. With Tru, various programs can supply military veterans in real time through emergency support and petty cash payments.

The real innovative aspect of Tru is the company’s ability to adapt, evolve, and use the best assets and skills of every team member to create avenues for businesses, vendors, government agencies, and charities to solve problems beyond providing a tender platform. At Tru, the vision for a better tomorrow is born from working diligently daily. There is no I in TEAM, but each individual and client matters at Tru.


Published by: Martin De Juan

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