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Texas Businessman Tyler King Aims to Be a Voice to the Suffering through His Nonprofit Project

Not often does one meet an individual who wants to make a change in people’s lives even when he or she struggles with their own demons. Such is the case for Texas entrepreneur and founder of A Voice from Prison, Tyler King.

Over the years, businessman Tyler King has made a reputable name for himself in the industry thanks to his unorthodox methodologies for troubleshooting internal business problems. The strategies used by his company, Assuras, may be considered as highly unorthodox approaches to business concerns, but they’re also highly effective. In the case of Tyler, he has committed himself to decades of data and statistically backed results. 

“When you need to go somewhere, you need two important pieces of information. Where you’re going to end up is important, but what’s more important is where you start from. A map is worthless unless you know where you’re presently located. After you can clearly identify both, you’ll have your choice of routes between point A and point B,” said Tyler King, the CEO of Texas business and management consulting firm Assuras, Inc. 

Tyler King and his team specialize in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, in addition to their blend of what they have found to be the best business practices. Tyler King takes pride in the fact that Assuras does things a little differently than their competitors in the industry.

“For the first several weeks after engagement, we essentially ignore the executive staff, and don’t discuss any issues with them that might cause bias,” said the strategic CEO. 

This Texas businessman is also the voice behind his nonprofit project called A Voice From Prison. The reason he started this new project was because he is right now incarcerated himself, serving a six-and-a-half year sentence as a result of “conspiring to access” sensitive company information, which Tyler considers a vague and inaccurate conclusion. With the unwavering support of his family, Tyler publishes consistent blog entries with very insightful commentaries on the realities of incarceration and the pervasive effects that the United States prison system has on its prisoners.

The Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge made interviews with hundreds of current inmates, which led to the undeniable truth that incarceration has a permanent effect on those who experience it. And with a massive number of two million people currently in the United States’ prisons and jails, this is a mental health epidemic that’s sadly being ignored.

The hardwork and perseverance of Tyler King to keep the public informed of not just the details of his own story. Still, the overall condition of the United States judicial system and correctional facilities, is not the best that it can be. Tyler King serves as a guiding light to reveal the hidden human rights violations happening just in front of them. Finally, Tyler firmly believes that awareness and visibility are the crucial preliminary actions toward meaningful change and A Voice from Prison is working doubly hard to take them.

Tyler hopes to push business and entrepreneurship boundaries by improving his craft and inspiring other new and upcoming entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. He also hopes his ventures will help propel his nonprofit forward and hopefully change many lives in the process.

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