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‘That Jewish Family’ Brings Orthodox Hasidic Jewish Culture and Tradition to the Forefront and Takes Social Media By Storm

In this modern day and age, people from all over the world have gained access to massive social platforms that allow them to share their personal experiences. As a result, audiences have witnessed stories spread out through various cultures, creating a diverse and inclusive ecosystem where underrepresented voices may thrive. Raizel, Daniel, and Mendel Namdar stand at the forefront of highlighting Jewish tradition to the world with informative and entertaining content that genuinely represents their culture.

Raizel was born in Sydney, while Dani was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. Both of them are Orthodox Hasidic Jews who created the world’s first Orthodox Jewish family vlog dubbed “That Jewish family” on all social media platforms. Both Raizel and Dani grew up in Chassidic families, with Dani being one of eleven children and Raizel being one of eight. 

The stories and culture of Orthodox Jewish families are often underrepresented in today’s mainstream media, most of which are usually scripted and written to fit a certain narrative. Much of the real Jewish experience is unknown to the world, and “That Jewish Family” hopes to inform the general populace about the ins and outs of their community and lifestyle. “For the first time ever, we are showing the world how we live for real, in a genuine and non-scripted manner,” shared Raizel and Dani. 

Thus, in the hopes of amplifying their voice and sharing their stories with the world, they started their channel with the goal of depolarizing society, one video at a time. “That Jewish family” creates engaging content that entertains and educates people about the Jewish way of life. Its mission is to help people understand their people’s genuine lifestyle and how their community operates through their culture and longstanding traditions. 

“This world would be closer together in harmony and more love. We show our day-to-day life as a couple, as a family and our traditions. And for the fun part- we are Nomads!” excitedly shared the thriving social media couple. The entire world is bearing witness to the truth that Raizel and Dani are sharing through their online content. They are inspiring more and more people to understand cultures that are vastly different from theirs, uniting all with an engaging and truly human approach.

When asked what motivated them to build their brand, That Jewish family shared that they were deeply inspired by “Unorthodox,” the hit Netflix show that captured the attention of a worldwide audience. They wanted to share the truth of their culture with the world without the need for a hidden agenda, a false narrative, or anything in between. Raizel, Dani and Mendel Namdar are unapologetically themselves, and that is what makes their content so refreshing. 

Ultimately, That Jewish family is shaping the minds of the entire world, teaching them the valuable lesson of inclusivity and diversity. They have become an inspiration for all, and their stories have been a great addition to the online repertoire of exceptionally eye-opening and insightful content seen in our interconnected society.

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