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The Analyst Agency, Go-To Provider of Success Enabling Market Research, Joins Forces with Power Poll to Grow Panel of National Leaders

The advent of digital technology has ushered in a never-ending flood of information and resources intended to help individuals and companies make considerable progress on their goals and gain a solid foothold in their respective markets. Today, it’s not surprising to see self-made entrepreneurs who managed to secure a position at the forefront of their niche, thanks to their own efforts and strategic utilization of digital-based platforms and tools. However, it remains true that the guidance of those well-versed in the comings and goings of the business world can make a difference in a company’s ability to thrive. The Analyst Agency, award-winning market research and business consultancy firm, is among the go-to experts in the areas of business analysis, sales and marketing, and market research. Best known for helping those under its wing investigate critical data to help make well-informed decisions, it has recently joined forces with Power Poll to propel potential industry leaders to greater heights. 

Founded in 2011, The Analyst Agency operates under the overarching mission to offer flexible solutions to clients in need of actionable insights, business process improvements, and digital transformation. Since its launch, it has provided companies with high-level research produced by professionals who are experts at primary and secondary methodologies, including surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, industry research, and more. 

In 2020, this brainchild of Steven Czyrny was named a Top Consumer Research Company by Quirk’s Magazine, an accomplishment that speaks of its reputable standing and impressive track record as a global research, marketing, and technology advisory services firm. From rebranding the agency in 2017 to fine-tuning its holistic approach toward addressing the needs of its clients, it has never been afraid of making bold moves, and its newest one is a partnership set to expand Power Poll’s national panel of community influencers and leaders. 

Power Poll, a leading civic engagement solutions provider created in 2019, brings together the most influential and powerful minds across the business, civic, media, and political industries. It surveys, holds conversations with, and engages its members in the bid of understanding their collective positions and opinions on critical issues. By joining forces with The Analyst Agency, Power Poll aims to not only expand its platform of more than 30,000 members but also identify key new markets and leaders in target cities across the country. 

“We are thrilled to work with Power Poll to help them grow their panel of business and thought leaders,” shared The Analyst Agency’s president, Steven Czyrny. “Their unique platform acts as a jumping-off point to discuss critical problems affecting millions of individuals and countless communities and find solutions that impact important cities throughout the US.”

With this partnership, The Analyst Agency and Power Poll are expected to bring immense value to the table by shedding light on perspectives by visionaries and thought leaders on how to counter the pressing challenges of today. 

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