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The Ancient Legend of El Dorado Comes Alive in the Metaverse with the Launching of City of Gold

The legend of the ancient City of Gold has always been a mystery to treasure hunters until Spanish conquistadors found out that it was actually a person known as El Dorado, a mythical tribal chief or king whose body was coated with gold every day as a ritual. However, a different City of Gold is coming to the metaverse, which promises exceptional experiences for its holders through close interactions with entrepreneurs who are making seven to eight figures in income. 

The City of Gold is establishing a community where successful entrepreneurs can share their remarkable experiences in developing their businesses, sustaining them, and making them a phenomenal success. Holders and investors who are also entrepreneurs in real life can find real value by being part of the City of Gold, and they can get updates on the project through DiscordInstagram, and Twitter. The community is leveraging the current popularity of play-to-earn games and the growing need to bridge online opportunities with real-world wealth principles. It is attempting to decentralize the government’s control of education and empower its members, both online and offline, to become emerging entrepreneurs who hold a lot of promise. 

“To this point, nobody has developed a realistic metaverse with a focus on commerce for our community,” said the community founder. 

During the first phase of the community roadmap, 10,000 digital real estate NFTs with 100 base models will be available for minting. Each holder will receive a virtual mansion during minting and a plot of land that will serve as a governance token, which will enable them to participate in future DAO governance initiatives within the community. Upon completion of the minting phase, the second part will introduce the first virtual event, the speaker of which will be announced later. The full gold paper will also be published during this phase. Additionally, holders can expect exciting collaboration and the release of a second collection involving high-rise units. 

The third phase will allow holders to access the residences of token owners. They can hang out with their friends and get to know other members of the community. The second virtual event will also be happening during this stage. By this time, the City of Gold will drop its third minting initiative, consisting of breathtaking mansions. Phase four is all about avatar creation and the release of another hub. Token owners will be excited to know that the community will be giving away a vehicle in the metaverse. An alpha version will also be dropped at this stage. The final mint of residential plots of land will be happening during the fifth phase. Avatar creation services will be made available to the public, and physical goods will be available in the marketplace. The sixth phase will be all about the selling of commercial land and the release of the remaining hubs. 

The creation of the City of Gold is the result of the remarkable collaboration between two brilliant minds: Gabriel Pfeifer and Alex Davila. Pfeifer is known to have generated more than $100 million in sales in the past decade and trained countless individuals, all while running a thriving seven-figure marketing agency. He has been featured in various publications, including Forbes, NY Weekly, and Yale. Davila, on the other hand, an avid and early crypto adopter who has a keen eye for promising investment opportunities. He is a BBW (Baby Beluga Whale) in the metaverse and is very passionate about next-generation technologies. His strength is in managing operations for agencies. Working alongside Pfeifer is another opportunity for him to create something worthwhile for multiple NFT enthusiasts. 

City of Gold will soon announce launching dates and additional details related to them. 

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