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The Black Bon Jovi Spreads Hope and Compassion for Cancer Survivors through His Music and The Cancer Killas Foundation

Balancing valuable time between a flourishing music career and running an ever-growing cancer foundation may be unthinkable for some, but not for someone as dedicated as The Black Bon Jovi. He has seen that he can use his music to promote hope and compassion for cancer survivors. He also knows that he can reach more people if he uses his music as a platform to create awareness for The Cancer Killas Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors. 

The Black Bon Jovi is a thriving recording artist who has worked with several big names in the music industry, including Trina, a popular rapper who is making waves in this generation. His dedication to his music is as intense as his desire to help families who have loved ones suffering from cancer. Just recently, he organized The Cancer Killas Foundation’s 3rd Annual Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Fundraiser Tour at the Dodgers Dreamfield in The Boys and Girls Club Los Angeles. 

The exciting event featured teams from the American Cancer Society and The Cancer Killas Foundation. It was also supported by S. Ling Wu and Frieda “The Cheetah” Gibbs, the women’s kickboxing world champion. The Black Bon Jovi also worked alongside the LAPD to make the activity a success. Also joining them that day was well-known photographer Richard Deal Cruz from 35 RAW, who captured the priceless smiles of volunteers, social partners, and cancer survivors alike. The event’s success is proof that when people come together for a common noble cause, the possibilities are endless. And The Black Bon Jovi has no plans of slowing down anytime soon as he has bigger plans ahead of him and the foundation. 

With all the hard work that has been put into strengthening the advocacy of The Cancer Killas and the commendable achievements they have reached, The Black Bon Jovi is confident that the future of this humble and noble advocacy will expand into greater territories in the next few years. Together with his devoted volunteers and supporters to the cause, he looks forward to bringing the advocacy to Asia, South America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with help from the American Cancer Society Southern California Chinese Relay for Life Committee. 

The Black Bon Jovi, a.k.a. The Cancer Killa, hopes to enjoin more individuals to get involved in the fight against cancer by first understanding its many perils and what needs to be done in order to help others in need. Prevention of cancer is also one of his goals as an advocate, hoping that less families should have to suffer from its debilitating effects on finances, relationships, and life in general. By creating a massive awareness through The Cancer Killas Foundation and his music, The Black Bon Jovi hopes to pass on the message that cancer is a common enemy that people need to combat together, regardless of their nationalities, background, or status in life. Only in working together can the world begin to see healthier communities that will be home to healthy children. 

Learn more about The Black Bon Jovi and The Cancer Killas by visiting this website. Follow The Cancer Killas Foundation on Instagram to find out more about his recent projects and advocacies or how to make a donation.

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