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The Burning Bra Is All About Women Helping Women

There’s a powerful feeling that comes along with women supporting women. It’s an empowering feat that has had a longstanding history of changing the world. In our modern age, female empowerment comes in the form of independence, confidence, and a brash non-conformity of the patriarchal power systems that bind us. It is a quiet revolution, and it is seeping into the lives of many women today. The Burning Bra stands alongside women in their fight for equal rights, empowerment, and freedom.

The Burning Bra traces its roots to a historic event in the 1960s when women burned their bras as a form of protest. The name of the company itself came from the said event as it symbolized women’s freedom from the control of men and their decision to make a stand for themselves. 

Contrary to popular belief, there were very few bras that were actually burned at the event. However, there was a historic freedom trash can where women burned items. Other women who didn’t choose to burn anything would walk around without wearing a bra at all. It was the symbolism that truly mattered for the event, and it is this symbolism that has inspired The Burning Bra non-profit organization to rise from the ashes. 

The Burning Bra is a 100% female-owned and operated non-profit organization. The company is a self-sustaining organization that raises funds in the name of its advocacies. The organization aims to provide much-needed resources for women in need and to those who are seeking assistance.

The non-profit organization originally began as a passion project co-founded by Monica Morgan and her two daughters, Britt Taylor and Ashley Meador. The three inspiring women sought to help other women and support them through any means possible, so they started the project all on their own.

“I believe women have a voice and deserve to be heard. If we can entrust females to be COOs of their homes, hold high positions in the places where they work while juggling all of the things a modern-day mom has on her plate, then we certainly should not place constraints on what women can and cannot do, nor should the value of a position or job be dictated by the sex of an individual,” says Monica Morgan. “This pandemic not only took a major toll on women, which causes me to wonder in their absence in the workplace, how will the workforce and workplace change?” she added.

Much like the entire world, a lot of women’s opportunities were ravaged by the global pandemic. The Burning Bra is currently searching for 25 founding members that will commit to the cause of helping women rise above the challenges that they face in our modern world. By fostering a supportive community of women, the non-profit organization hopes to keep itself as a self-sustaining group that helps other women navigate the challenges of being a woman.

Morgan, Britt, and Ashley are also looking for more opportunities for The Burning Bra along the way. They hope to host annual conferences in the future and invite motivational speakers, coaches, and other women-owned brands to participate. They are hoping to shape the landscape of female empowerment through a genuine community rooted in love, hope, confidence, and kindness. To learn more about The Burning Bra, make sure to visit the non-profit’s official website. For live updates, follow the organization on Facebook and Instagram.

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